Killzone 3 Review

Killzone 3 Review (PS3)

MSRP: $59.99

1-24 players (online)

After waiting two years, we finally have arguably the best game in the Killzone series. The Killzone 3 continues right after the end of the second game. The ISA is in shambles and have to defend themselves against the Helghast. The people of Helghan want retribution for the death of Scolar Visari, and Sev, Rico, and the rest of your ISA squad are left behind enemy lines fighting for survival.

It seems that Guerrilla Games listened to its fanbase regarding controls in Killzone 2 because KZ3`s control scheme, aiming mechanics and overall accessibility has been fine-tuned to the point where anyone who`s never even played a first person shooter can find enjoyment out of the game.

Speaking of controls, Killzone 3 boasts Playstation Move compatibility, meaning that you can use your Playstation Move controller to aim, shoot, and melee the Helghast online and off. I’ve played it using the Playstation move and can honestly say that I prefer this control method compared to the standard PS3 controller. I just find it easier to aim as the gun isn`t stuck in the middle of the screen. You can freely move it and aim within your periphery.

If those weren’t enough to warrant a purchase, the online modes will keep you hooked in the months to come. The absolutely brilliant online gameplay in Killzone 3 boasts more game modes and more weapons to choose from. The returning class-based warfare and a leveling-up system that keeps you playing until the wee hours of the morning.

And I still haven’t even mentioned the two-player splitscreen cooperative campaign, 24 bot offline mode, and finally, if you`re rich enough, a stereoscopic 3D mode worthy of your 3DTV.

Technical Presentation

Graphics – Graphically, the game is astounding, boasting the most advanced graphic engine ever seen on the PS3. The jungle levels are just some of the absolutely gorgeous visuals found in KZ3. Details like fauna, bullet holes, footprints in the snow add a more realistic feel to the game. The ultra realistic reload, shooting, and movement animations from KZ2 has returned with the addition of brutal melee attacks that have to be seen to be believed.

Final Thoughts

Killzone 3 is the best game in the Killzone series, and one of the best games of 2011. (And it`s only March!!) It`s also the killer app that makes full use of the Playstation Move peripheral. This game is definitely recommended to anyone who loves first person shooters on their PS3.


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