Forgotten Treasure – Yakuza 2

Forgotten Treasure – Yakuza 2 (PS2)

Forgotten Treasures is dedicated to the games of the past and present that have either been overlooked, forgotten, or were never released in North America.

Yakuza 2 is the featured game in Part 1 of the Forgotten Treasures series.

MSRP: $49.99 – 99.99

1 Player

A rare game to find for the Playstation 2. Yakuza 2 was one of the last games to be released on the system.
Yakuza is a relatively unknown series in the Americas, yet is an extremely popular game series in its native Japan.

Sega shipped only 100,000 copies of the game. So be grateful if you have it.

A few things that made Yakuza 2 one of the best games on the PS2:

1. Kiryu Kazuma – The game`s protagonist. Kazuma is the fifth chairman of the Tojo Clan. He given up on his life as a Yakuza, however certain events have brought him back into the dangerous world of Japanese Mafia.

2. Non-Stop Brawling – No Karate or Kung-fu here, just plain, old fashioned Yakuza streetfights. No holds-barred, use any weapon you can find. And finally, the `Heat Moves` are gratifyingly brutal.

3. Hundreds of Quests – Kiryu can take on various quests to earn money, experience, weapons, and items. You’d be surprised to learn that even though the hard-boiled Kiryu fights non-stop, he takes the time to actually help out people  in the fictional district of Kamuroucho. From finding a lost cat to reuiniting families, which lead to hours upon hours of gameplay.

4. Tokyo Nightlife – The game is set in the neon-drenched Tokyo and Kanto Nightlife. It’s an accurate representaion of Osaka and Tokyo cities.

5. Fight Club – Once you finish the game, you can join the underground fight club that’s hidden somewhere in Tokyo.

6. Gritty, Gangster Plot – The game’s story was written by a crime novelist so it’s top tier material. The horrible American dub from the first game is gone, replaced by the original Japanese voice actors adding to the deeply immersive world Sega has created.

7. Random Thugs – These guys never learn. They think they can mess with Kiryu. But after a few punches kicks and curb-stomps, they all end up as bloody piles on the floor begging for mercy

8. Product Placements – When you buy and consume items (Suntory, Jack Daniels, Pepsi) in-game, Kiryu either: restores his health, becomes a better fighter, and unlock hidden quests.

Yakuza 2 may have been overlooked by consumers. But gamers will always remember it as the best game in the Yakuza series.


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