The Worst Video Games EVER

The Worst Video Games EVER 

As a game collector, I’ve played thousands of games over many years. I’m proud to say that I’ve had the chance to play many great games during this time. However, with thousands of great games comes thousands of shovelware that – for some reason – get produced and sold to many unsuspecting gamers. Check out the worst games I’ve played after the break.

Vietcong: Purple Haze (PS2)

The original Vietcong for PC was and still is one of my favourite first person shooters. It had an engaging story, hectic action sequences and relatable characters. It also showcased some pretty visuals for its time. Vietcong Purple Haze for the PS2 takes the same game and strips it of everything that made the game great in the first place. Gone were the multiplayer options, the amazing graphics, and the smooth controls. What was left was a game that became difficult to play, thus difficult to like. Avoid this game.

Fight Club (PS2/Xbox)

The film Fight Club was a genre busting work that melded brutal action with social satire that resonated with a generation of media savvy youth. Fight Club the game takes all of that gets rid of it, instead focusing on delivering some of the worst hand-to-hand fighting mechanics ever created. The graphics were sub-par, the audio was repetitive, and BOB was the worst character ever created for a fighting game. His saggy man boobs were too much for any gamer to endure. Much less his annoying voice and mannerisms. And the worst part of Fight Club? Fred Durst was a playable character…

Shaq Fu (SNES/Genesis)

As a young teen, I loved Shaq. He was my favourite basketball player next to Michael Jordan. So when I saw Shaq Fu at the local game shop, I bought it expecting a great basketball-themed fighter featuring the big man. Oh how dissapointed I was to play a horrible fighting game that featured a barely recognizable Shaq, with slow and unresponsive controls that made movement unbearable. One of the worst games on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, Shaq Fu was a total cash-in on (at that time) Shaquille O’Neal’s stardom.

Mortal Kombat: Special Forces (PS1)

I personally loved Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero, so when I heard that Midway was creating another action spin-off starring Jax, I started imagining all the possibilities. I was stoked. The actual game however, turned out to be utter crap. Horrible graphics, cheap, repetitive gameplay, and horrid audio stalked the player at every turn. This Mortal Kombat game left a bad taste in my mouth.

Superman 64 (Nintendo 64)

Superman is my favourite superhero. BAR NONE. So when I played this piece of crap, it cemented my belief that there will never, ever be a good superman game. This game has the most unresponsive controls in that the buttons – when pressed – do not do what they’re supposed to do. Add to that some of the worst N64 graphics and you’ve got yourself a game unworthy of the Superman name.

ECW: Anarchy Rulz (PS1/Dreamcast)

No one can deny that ECW was a breath of fresh/innovative/brutal and violent air that wrestling fans welcomed with open arms. The company started a wrestling revolution that WWF and WCW struggled to copy thereafter. ECW Anarchy Rulz has the attitude of the company, yet the wrestling gameplay was miles behind its contemporaries. Reusing WWF attitude’s graphics, gameplay and resources, Anarchy Rulz is pretty much a cut and paste job removing all WWF wrestlers and replacing them with what looks like ECW wrestlers. I love wrestling games, but I ABSOLUTELY HATE this one. If you have it, burn it, destroy it any way you can.

Mortal Kombat (Game Boy)

Mortal Kombat ignited an industry switch to mature-rated games when it was first released. The SNES, Genesis, and Game Gear versions were all well-received. Then there was the Game Boy version. This game barely resembled the Mortal Kombat experience. With slow, unresponsive control and gameplay, Mortal Kombat was a joke. Many of the fatalities were changed or removed, characters were removed as well. Nintendo seriously messed up when they released this game.

What titless are in your worst games list? Let us know in the comments section!


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  1. Haha… I remember renting Superman 64 as a youngster and feeling a volatile emotional cocktail of anger, sadness, and confusion. What a terrible game.

    How about Vampire Rain? “MGS with vampires? How could THAT be bad?” In every conceivable way, it turns out.

  2. Celebrity Deathmatch for PS2.. Beat the game with one hand pushing the same 2 buttons over and over..

  3. ET is the worst nightmare ever

  4. I remember Home Alone on the SNES, it was sooooooooo crap. I also remember Rise of the Robots was apparently crap, but I never got to play it.

  5. Nice list …wud have been better if there were screenshots of video clips

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