Kung-Fu Live Review

Kung-Fu Live Review (PS3)

MSRP: $14.99


With all the industry hulabaloo regarding motion control; specifically the Playstation Move and Microsoft Kinect, gamers have all but forgotten about a little gadget called the Playstation Eye. A camera that tracks player movements like the Kinect, the PS Eye was an underutilized peripheral that went by the wayside a few months after its release.

Enter Kung-Fu Live. The Kinect-like experience on your PS3.

Kung-Fu Live utilizes the PS Eye to track the player’s movements and translates it onto the screen. It’s also one of the most fun, engaging, and physically demanding motion controlled games on the market today.

The camera literally puts the player into the game, fighting waves after waves of ninjas, street thugs, demons and ancient martial artists. There’s something hilarious and undeniably fun about seeing yourself flailing around and seeing your virtual self kicking butt.

The game has a pretty funny story to it as well, with a few new twists to include the player as the protagonist. Before each chapter, the game requires the player to copy a few poses for the camera. Once that is done, the story is told through interactive comic book panels that uses the pictures that the player took of themselves as part of the story.

Hit detection is spot on, and the fact that it’s YOU fighting in the game makes it all the more special. The player can also use any real world weapon they can find and the PS Eye will recognize it as a weapon usable in-game. Pretty cool stuff.

Technical Presentation

Audio – Probably the weakest part of the package, the game audio is a mix of generic martial arts/asian-themed music as well as sub-par voice acting that detracts from the story. Many players’ Bruce Lee sounding kiai can also turn each session into a laugh-fest. Sound effects are also quite bad, with generic and repetitive sounding thuds and hits hounding each fight.

Graphics – Kung-Fu Live uses a comic book style that oozes unique style. Enemy characters animate seamlessly but tend to have repetitive attack patterns and animations. Also, if the players lighting isn’t up to par, the PS Eye has much trouble in keeping track of his or her movements and copying it on screen. It is recommended to play the game in a well-lit room with lots of space to move around.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the player’s enjoyment of this downloadable game is dependent on the amount of exercise they’re willing to put in. Also, it’s always fun to see yourself and your friends flailing around punching at air and looking like idiots. A great party game indeed.

Martial artist or not, you can fight however you want and still get a great workout and enjoying it.


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