The Nerd Explosion #1 – Joss Whedon’s Angel (TV Series)

Joss Whedon’s Angel

In my newest segment called The Nerd Explosion, I’m going to be dealing with hobbies considered “Nerdy” by most people. From video game collections, toy collections, manga and anime addictions, or just plain addiction to any niche – and the occasional weird/scary – subjects, I’m gonna follow it.

For the first iteration of The Nerd Explosion, Im going to look at the addictive nature of a Joss Whedon show called Angel. If you don’t know who Joss Whedon is, you should get out of that rock that you’ve been living under because he is a treasured Television screenwriter, producer, and director known for creating amazing shows with deep storylines, engaging characters, and fully realized universes.

Whedon has created some of the most loved TV shows in the last decade. TV dramas like Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse, and my personal favourite; Angel. A show that ran for five seasons, Angel was a cult hit within sci-fi and horror junkies alike. The show’s characters were so relateable thus endearing them with millions of “Angel’s Acolytes” around the world.

What started as a spin-off series from the hugely successful Buffy: The Vampires Slayer, Angel was a much darker and grittier take on the vampire mythos that Joss created. Whereas Buffy was a show about teenage life, problems, and drama, (within confines of hell on earth) Angel’s was a show that dealt with remorse, redemption, and destiny.

A vampire cursed with a soul, Angel left Buffy to start his own private investigation firm in Los Angeles, where he meets Doyle and Cordelia Chase, who then becomes his rag-tag team of demon hunters.

Series favourite Wesley Wyndham-Pryce gets introduced midway into the first season as the newest member of the team. More members would join throughout the course of the series, culminating with the arrival of the ever-popular Spike (AKA William The Bloody) in the final season.

Hearing about the show’s cancellation, thousands of Angel’s viewers and fans rallied in front of the WB network in 2004 to no avail. Unlike Firefly, which was made into a feature film, Angel would have to make do with a powerful season finale. Loved it or hated it, the final episode was a roller coaster of emotions, action, with a sense of loss and hope throughout its 45 minute running time.

Six years later and thousands still buy the comics, the novels, the action figures and other Angel paraphernalia. Angel’s Acolytes have still yet to give up their hope of seeing their Vampiric Hero once more. Angel did not and will not ever fade away.

The entire series is now available on DVD in the Angel: Collector’s Set ( as well as on Netflix.

Now, I’m happy to present my Angel Collection!

*Note: I do not have Season 2 as a friend of mine borrowed it a few weeks ago.


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