Dead Rising 2 Review

Credit: Gamestop Canada

Dead Rising 2 Review (Xbox 360 and PS3)

MSRP $29.99

1-4 Players (Online)

72 Hours to kill….Thousands of zombies….What would Chuck do? – Capcom

While some may say that zombies are an overused gimmick in modern gaming, Capcom has made yet another zombie masterpiece in Dead Rising 2. The sequel to the original game for the 360, Dead Rising 2 casts a brand new character and location for the zombie outbreak. While the photography mode is now gone, it is replaced by an addictive weapon creation/combination mini-game that provides the player with some dangerous weapons for their zombie genocide spree.

The game casts Chuck Greene, a former motocross rider caught in the middle of a zombie outbreak in Fortune City, Nevada. Zombies have destroyed Las Vegas and Chuck along with his daughter move to Fortune City for his new job as a contestant in a zombie killing gameshow called Terror is Reality. Unfortunately, the zombies escape, causing an outbreak, leaving Chuck’s daughter with a zombie bite. He gets framed for the Outbreak and now has only 72 hours to save his daughter’s life and clear his name in the process.

Gameplay is a lot like the first game in that Chuck can use a variety of weapons (taken from all over the environment) to dismember zombies standing in his way. Chuck also has to save civilians that haven’t been infected by bringing them back with him to the safe house. He can use items (creatively) and combine weapons to create some devestating superweapons like the paddlesaw. (A paddle with two chainsaws attached at both ends.) Like the first game, Chuck also runs into some psychopaths that act as the game’s boss fights. Each of these psychopaths give the player ample reason to dispatch of them as they are more deadly than the aforementioned zombies who prey on uninfected people. Defeating these folks presents the player with a sense of justice and right at having rid the world of scum.

In an improvement over the first game, Dead Rising 2 offers players more save spots for a more streamlined gaming experience.

Technical Presentation

Audio – Audio is just okay. While the sound effects are pretty good, the voice acting is quite bad. Music is consists of fairly generic rock tunes with the occasional emotional score. Weapon effects vary in quality, with firearms having the worst sounds in the game. Guns sound too muted, too weak. Overall, the game’s audio presentation is mediocre. Nothing to write home about.

Graphics – While Dead Rising 2 looks a bit better than the first game, technical hiccups and visual glitches mar the game’s graphics. Also, everytime Dead Rising 2 goes into a cutscene or a new environment, the player has to sit through long load times that take more than 30 seconds. Character animations and visuals are pretty good, but they’re not to the same caliber as other AAA games out in the market.

Final Thoughts

While I’m nitpicking the small stuff, I have to say that Dead Rising 2 is one of my favourite games of this year. The combination of addictive gameplay, more user-friendly experience, and edge-of-your-seat moments make Dead Rising 2 a worthy addition to a gamer’s library. If you loved the first one but had issues with its some of its gameplay features, you’ll more than likely love this one for its improvements and streamlining.

Dead Rising 2 also has two downloadable add-ons for the Xbox 360. (Case Zero and Case West)


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