The Nerd Explosion #2 – Modern Warfare 2: Ghost Balaclava

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most popular shooters on the Market today; only bested by the more recent Call of Duty: Black Ops. Released more than two years ago, MW2 is still one of the most played multiplayer games on XBL and PSN.

In it’s single player campaign, the players take control of a number of characters. Yet only one has transcended the game and the story and became a symbol for Modern Warfare and everything after it.

His callsign is GHOST.

The man of a few words, Ghost became popular because of his take-no-prisoners attitude, cool british accent, and his damn cool balaclava.

I recently got my hands on one (Shoutout to the guys over at Ballys) for a Modern Warfare 2 fan film that I’m hoping to produce and direct later this year.  Let me tell you, its one hell of a mask. It’s perfect for all of you guys who’re into that cosplaying thing. (Which I’ll do a Nerd Explosion on later.)

At Ballys, you can purchase these cool gaming-themed balaclavas and t-shirts for a reasonable price.

So far, there’s a balaclava with the Joker, Scorpion (MK), Sub Zero, Iron Man, Green Goblin, and of course Ghost themes. You can also purchase a number of “No Russian” tee’s with awesome logos and designs.

Here’s the link to their store: Ballys Merch.


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