Dead Rising 2 Remake – Starring Frank West

What if Frank West was the main character in Dead Rising 2?

Dead Rising fans’ prayers have finally been answered. Capcom announced today that they are re-imagining Dead Rising 2 (already?) with some fairly major changes; namely having Frank West as the titular hero, along with his photography mini-game.

Of course, the settings, environments and other characters will be the same. However, Frank will have to fight new psychopaths, have access to new combination weaponry and locations previously inaccessible with Chuck.

Capcom promises that this is the Dead Rising 2 that fans wanted. And that’s what they’ll get. They’ve already mentioned shorter loading times, a co-op mode with the second player as Chuck Greene, and more forgiving difficulty settings.

I personally cannot wait to play as Frank West in this re-imagining of Dead Rising 2. With new story elements to experience, new psychopaths to destroy, new combo weapons to use? What’s not to like?

We’ll probably see more of the game at E3 later this year. Expect the game to come out late 2011 or early 2012.



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