Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 Review (PC, Xbox 360, and PS3)

MSRP $59.99

The original Crysis for the PC required many gamers to upgrade their computers in order to play the game on maximum specifications. At that time, game consoles were not powerful enough to even display the game properly.

Fast forward to this generation and the release of Crysis 2. It’s a visual powerhouse that pushes both the PS3 and Xbox 360 graphically. The vast ruins of New York cityscapes are rendered beautifully, with lighting and textures that put most other first person shooters to shame.

Crysis 2 continues some time after the fall of Lingshan Island in the original game. The player takes control of a new character by the name of Alcatraz, a US marine stationed in a submarine patrolling New York city. The submarine get attacked by the Ceph forcing Alcatraz and his comrades to abandon ship. Beaten and bloody and dying, Alcatraz is found by a mysterious armored stranger codenamed Prophet and is brought to safety. Prophet then outfits Alcatraz with the same armor (called the nanosuit) and asks him to continue fighting the Ceph.

Okay, you may be thinking. It`s a beautiful game. But does it play well?

With smooth controls, exciting shooting mechanics and free-form gameplay, Crysis 2 engages the player while simultaneously letting them bring the fight to the enemies in creative ways. Alcatraz can utilize the armor`s features to his advantage when fighting CELL and the Ceph. If a player wants to fight guns blazing, he can do so using the Maximum armor feature that minimizes damage he takes. Or the player can play stealthily using the cloak feature to take out their opponents quietly with brutal melee attacks.

The game starts out slow especially during the first quarter of the game. But it quickly picks up tempo and never lets up until the very end. During that time, the player would have fought in environments all over New York, Liberty Island and underground; and fought aliens and humans using a variety of upgradeable firearms like the SCAR, DSP Sniper Rifle, and the ever powerful HMG (Heavy Machine Gun).

The game also features online multiplayer with up to 12 people. There`s a rank and leveling system that copies the style of call of duty (with its own twists) and contains a pretty good number of maps off the box. Multiplayer firefights are fast and furious, leaving the players with little time to breathe in between rounds. Players can choose from four pre-determined classes; or create their own, with customized loadouts and abilities.

Credit: Crytek

Technical Presentation

Audio – Crysis 2`s audio presentation is high-caliber. With rousing orchestral scores, and rock riffs playing at seemingly the perfect times to evoke emotions such as awe, fear, and anger. Gunshots are loud and powerful, making the player feel like they`re really in there shooting the guns themselves. Voiceovers are well done, though some characters felt a bit hammy from time to time.

Graphics – What else is there that hasn`t been said already? Crysis 2 is a gorgeous game that pushes the PS3 and 360 graphically. The game utilizes advanced lighting, texturing and environments that can only be matched by Killzone 3 and Uncharted 2/3. Crysis 2 is also the best looking game on the 360. Water effects are realistic, the vast New York skylines and cityscapes are breathtaking. One complaint I have is that characters, while looking good, move a bit awkwardly and in some cases glitch out.

Final Thoughts

If you`re looking for a sci-fi shooter with gorgeous graphics, Crysis 2 is the game for you. The combination of eye popping graphics, intense gameplay and fun and accessible multiplayer makes this game one of the most fun and infinitely replayable FPS titles of 2011. Recommended!


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  1. still haven’t been able to get through it with all the technical hitches….played it on ps3 and the enemies were shooting at me through wallk walking on there own grenades and running into walls….on the pc version I’ve seen bodies floating in the air and just a lot of visual oddities as well as the problems i mentioned on the console version. although i have a few friends that say they experienced none of this….a few that have……shame really. i wanted to love it.

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