Modern Wargear Solid – Modern Warfare 2/Metal Gear Solid Fan Movie

What would happen if Modern Warfare 2’s Ghost and Metal Gear’ Solid Snake teamed up? Beatdownboogie’s Modern Wargear Solid is a crossover spoof fanfilm dedicated to fans of both franchises.

If you’re thinking that it’s going to be one of those crappy dime-a-dozen amateur fanfilms found on youtube, you’d be sadly mistaken. For a “guerilla” film making project, Modern Wargear is top-notch quality. The effects, cinematography, and audio are well made. And the two protagonists resemble their digital counterparts as well. (Snake’s mustache is classic!) Also, their chemistry as well as the script writing is very good, making for funny banter between the two.

The plot goes a little something like this: Makarov, leader of Activistsun, and Liquid Ocelot forms an alliance and becomes a threat to world safety. Ghost is partnered with Snake on a hilarious mission to destroy the newly formed dangerous alliance.

Expect to see cameo appearances by characters from both series too.


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