Modern Warfare 3 Announced!

Modern Warfare 3 Announced!

Huge news folks! Activision has announced that they will be releasing Modern Warfare 3 later this year. Developed by the newly re-formed Infinity Ward, Activision says that the game will be even bigger and better than Modern Warfare 2 (if that is even possible.)

So far what we know about the game is that it takes place right after Modern Warfare 2 ends and will tie up loose threads left by the sudden awkward end of the game. Key characters are returning, and we will be able to find out their fates.

We also know that Modern Warfare 3′ levels will take place all over the globe, from France, Germany, England, and the United States. Players will be able to play as a tank gunner, an SAS operative, a russian agent, and finally, the main characters left (Soap Mactavish and James Ramirez) over from MW2.

Sources also say that the ever-popular Spec-ops missions will return with brand new levels, characters and game modes.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will arrive on November 8th, 2011 for PS3, PC, Xbox 360 (And possibly Wii)

Check out the teaser trailer released by Activision earlier this week.


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  1. Pretty sure infinity ward doens’t exist and they “newly re-formed” over at EA under an entirely different name.

  2. There’s still Infinity Ward over at Activision. Just under different leadership. They’re currently working with Sledgehammer Games on the single player portion of the COD MW3. “Respawn Entertainment” is the one in EA.

  3. This game is very interesting. someday, I hope to play it. thank you, because you have to publish this article

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