Scariest Moments in Gaming

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Scariest Moments in Gaming

Many of us love playing survival horror games, and there’s something about being underpowered, overwhelmed by ghostly, demonic, or zombified pursuers that keeps us hooked until the very end, regardless of how scared or perturbed we are. Because of that, I wanted to write about what are (for me) some of the scariest moments in gaming history:

Ju-On: The Grudge – First contact with Kayako and Toshio

I still remember the first time I played Ju-On earlier this year clearly. I was in an abandoned factory armed with a rapidly dying flashlight, already freaked out by various apparitions of a creepy little boy making cat sounds. I lowered my guard as I stepped into a fairly lit hallway and was about to open the door to the next room when a hand takes ahold of my wrist, startled I looked up to see an eerily familiar ghost of a lady with long dark hair covering her face, a disturbing gurgling sound coming from her throat as she tries to drag me into the abyss. Surprised and scared, I started waggling my Wii remote left and right as fast as I could to shake off Kayako, eventually I was able to escape her tight grasp only to realize that perhaps there’s no escaping her wrath….

Calling – The First Phone Call

I wake up in the music room in the fourth floor of an abandoned high school; no lights, no flashlight anywhere in sight. I knew I was in trouble. I exit the music room and head for the hallway only to be startled by the sudden sound of a rintone melody farther down the passage. I walked slowly, following the sound and found a cellphone on the ground. Picking it up and answering the call I hear a strange voice on the other side of the line:

“That’s my phone, you have to return my phone… I’m in the ground floor and coming to get it from you now.  RETURN IT!” Click. Already freaked out by the call, I was not prepared for the next phone call three seconds later.

“I’m now on the second floor.” Click. Three seconds pass and another call.

“I’m no on the third floor.” Click. Three seconds pass and the final call.

“I’m on the staircase on the fourth floor.” Click.

Resident Evil – The First Zombie

Back in 1996, Zombies have not yet perforated the airwaves. Resident Evil brought them into the gaming masses with a scene so powerful and scary that it left me deathly afraid of the walking dead after.

Having barely escaped death from a pack of wild dogs, I stepped into a large mansion with my team. After hearing gunshots coming from another room, I separated from the rest of the group to investigate. Imagine my horror when I see a man hunched over another munching on the flesh of his neck, separating the head from the rest of the body.

Having noticed someone behind him, the man slowly looked back his rotten, blood-stained face coming into my view. A zombie! Armed with only a knife, I tried to defend myself against the undead’s aggressive advances to no avail. One final bite to the neck had sealed my fate. Game Over.

Silent Hill – The Death that Starts the Adventure

Having crashed my car, I wake up to find that my daughter – who was sitting beside me in the car – was missing. I leave the car to find her, and end up walking into dark alley. As I continued forward, the hair on my arms stood straight, there were gurney’s all scattered all over the alley with dead bodies underneath the sheets. There’s definitely something wrong here, but I know that my daughter went through here, so I continued despite the fear. I end up at the end of the alley, a dead-end with no exit in sight. I look up to see a dead, desecrated body hanging from a cage. I turn around to run away only to realize that I was surrounded by demons who wanted me dead. With no weapons to defend myself with, I was overrun and stabbed to death.

Only to wake up and realize that it was all a dream. Or was it?

Fatal Frame 2 – The Entire Game

Alone and trapped in a haunted village and armed with only a camera, I walked cautiously keeping my eye out for anything so as to not get caught by surprise. I walked into a Kimono room, a number of bright red and white kimonos are on display, in the back of the room sits a box, with its cover slightly moved to the side. I could feel that there was something in the room with me but couldn’t see anything, so I raised to camera and looked through its viewfinder. To my horror, a lady ghost with black flowing hair covering her face started crawling out of the box and straight towards me.

So there are a few of my scariest gaming moments. What are yours? Let me know in the comment section!


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  1. Heavy Rain had me friggin scared half the time. Especially the “finger” part ( not to spoil for anyone )

    Also, I distinctly remember a few parts in Resident Evil where some doberman pincher dogs jumped out at me…

    fun article!
    Booya !

  2. I can’t stand horror! I can’t even play these games without being too stressed out. Although I do watch friends playing games like Silent Hill and Fatal Frame. Glad I don’t have to control the characters. 😉

    I was freaked out a lot by the atmosphere in Bioshock, though. Those Splicers hidden around each corner creeped me out, as well as the random and insane violence that they used to attack you. And then when the Big Daddy’s eyes turned red. SCARYYYYYYYY!!! D:

  3. I’d have to agree! Bioshock had a really creepy premise. But I was more wary of the splicers since they tended to hide in the dark then pounce when im not looking.

    If you have a Wii, you should give Ju-On: The Grudge a try. Haunted house simulators are fun!

    • What I thought was super scary was that I could hear them all around me (surround sound headset) and giggling in the distance but not see them. Just knowing they could be around every corner, ready to kill me… BLEGH.

      On the other side, zombie games like L4D don’t frighten me at all. There used to be the ocassional scare-moment when a zombie suddenly popped up behind me, but nothing nerve-wrecking like Bioshock or some of the games you described above. 😉

  4. I found the entire game of Calling creepy with all the ghosts and stuff. Along with a creepy ‘Girl in Red.’ I finally beat Fatal Frame 1, 2 and 3. I found The 2nd game to be the scariest with the little twins, falling woman, the girl in box (as shown above) and that broken neck chick. The entire game was scary!! My favorite ghost of the series though would have to be ‘brushing woman’ from Fatal Frame 3.

  5. Funny article, I love scary games. Fatal Frame 2 and Amnesia have been the ‘scariest’ so far but Fatal Frame got a little cheesy with the repetitive ghost dialogue during battles. That Ju-On game looked kind of cheesy too I laughed when the kid when MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    • Thanks Tony! I love Amnesia myself too, but am having a tough time playing through it especially later in the game. If you ever get a chance to play Fatal Frame 4 for the Wii, I suggest doing it. Really good game.

  6. clock tower on snes had me peeing my pants

  7. Fatal Frame 2 have some pretty scary things. I will never forget in the begining of the game, when you reach the town. The main character is with her sister. you can see only the face of your character, and a hand lay in your shoulder. The character touches the hand thinking that’s her sister’s hand. While she’s touching the hand, her sister walks, passing by you.. then the hand goes, your character looks behind and no one is there…..

    In Silent Hill 2, the Pyramid Head is my worst nightmare. When we’re in a narrow corridor with Maria (or Mary, I don’t remember). The camera changes when you bend the corners (typical for the series). There’s no doors. You turn left on the corner, camera changes and everything’s ok. In the next corner, the same. Then, you turn another corner, you can see you comming, then comes Maria/Mary, and behind both, the “coming-from-ground” Pyramid Head.

  8. nothings more scarier than amnesia!!!

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