Top 5 Sega Dreamcast Games

Top 5 Sega Dreamcast Games

The Sega Dreamcast was and still is my favorite gaming console of all time. 11 years after its release, people still make games (official and homebrew) for the system. And 11 years later, I’m still playing some of the best games of the last generation that could only be played on Sega’s console swan song.

Check out our top five Sega Dreamcast Games after the break.

Before I begin the list, here are the honorable mentions:

  • Skies of Arcadia
  • Samba De Amigo
  • Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
  • NFL/NBA 2k Series
  • Soul Calibur (Hey at least it’s still in the top 10!!)

And with those titles out of the way, we can start on JTM Games’ top five Sega Dreamcast games list.

5. Resident Evil: Code Veronica

RE: CV was the first Resident Evil to be developed exclusively (for a time) for the Sega Dreamcast. Back then, Code Veronica topped many people’s must-buy lists because of its engrossing story, gorgeous graphics (for its time), and the fact that it was the direct sequel to Resident Evil 2, one of the best RE games in the series. Oh and being able to play as both Claire and Chris was awesome too.

4. Shenmue

One of the most expensive games developed for the Dreamcast, Yu Suzuki’s Shenmue was a culmination of his experience working on Sega games. Shenmue was an open-world/life-simulator/brawling/rpg hybrid that had great ideas, but ineffective execution. Still, it is still considered as one of the best games for the system because it was a game that brought a lot of things to the table. It also started quick-time events which is a game mechanic still used more than 11 years later.

3. NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC

I loved the NBA Jam series in the 16-Bit generation, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that I loved NBA Showtime. This 2 vs. 2 no holds barred basketball game is considered if not one of the most enjoyable sports game to come out for the Dreamcast. I created a digital version of myself and joined the Utah Jazz with Malone and Stockton to dominate the other 27 teams in the league. The two on two gameplay is fast and frantic full of impossible dunks, death-defying stunts, and half court shots that made the game so much fun to play.

2. SNK vs. Capcom 2/Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Only available in Japan, SNK vs. Capcom 2 refined and perfected the already amazing fighting mechanics of the first game. With an updated roster, more moves, beautiful 2-D graphics, SvC 2 was one of the better fighting games for the Dreamcast.

While SvC’s fighting system was a slower, methodical pace, Marvel vs. Capcom 2’s was fast, frantic, unbelievable and overwhelming. It’s not unnatural to see guys pull of 20 to 30 hit combos, and thats even before they use the character’s super moves.  Both fighting games made getting the Dreamcast worth it as they both featured characters, environments, and moves that show why SNK and Capcom are the kings of the fighting game genre.

1. Grandia II

One of my favorite RPG’s of all time, Grandia II featured a gorgeous hand-drawn art style, vast color palette that was unheard of for the Dreamcast, a memorable cast of characters, and some of the best magic/power attacks ever created in RPG history. I still have the original game in mint condition as I consider it a forgotten treasure for Sega’s unjustly overlooked game console.

If there’s a game that’s not on this list that you think is the best game on the DC, please comment and let me know!


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