Aliens: Colonial Marines Coming in 2012

Aliens Colonial Marines Coming in 2012

Last week, game journalists received creepy messages and gifts of a baby doll head reminiscent of the doll Newt brought with her in the film Aliens. According to Gearbox Software, the same team who made Borderlands and the Brothers in Arms series, Aliens: Colonial Marines is coming to game systems in 2012. More info and the teaser trailer after the break.

The combination of Fox, Sega and Gearbox say that the new game will be the true sequel to the film Aliens. From what we’ve seen, Colonial Marines is going to be first person shooter that supports up to four players in its campaign mode.

Gearbox also confirmed that drop-in, drop-out multiplayer is available for each of the game’s self-contained campaigns. All of which come together to tell one hell of a story.

More of Aliens: Colonial Marines will be unveiled during E3 next week.

Enjoy the trailer of the newest game in the Aliens brand. Courtesy of


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