Top 5 Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Games

Top 5 Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Games

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is all the rage these days; with UFC, StrikeForce, Bellator leagues dominating the combat sport airwaves. What most people don’t realize is that there have been a large number of MMA video games released in the past two decades before the sport became as big as it is today. Check out the top five Mixed Martial Arts games after the break.

Honorable Mentions: K-1 Grand Prix (PS2), Astral Bout (SNES), Fighting Network: RINGS (PS1)

FPW's Gruesome Fight League

5. The Fire Pro Wrestling Series (PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, GBA)

While technically a professional wrestling simulator, Fire Pro Wrestling also featured MMA before the sport even became popular in North America. Renamed in the game as Gruesome Fights, a great number of legendary and modern fighters are represented. As well, players can choose to fight in traditional rings or in the ever popular octagon. Gameplay dramatically shifts from professional wrestling-style fights to slower-paced ground and pound, submission fights. Striking has always been Fire Pro’s weakest point and its no different when trying to strike in gruesome fights. Grappling, Jiu-Jitsu, and Submission fighting are well implemented and can be downright dangerous at the hands of a skilled player.


PSX And Dreamcast fans enjoyed UFC for the first time

4. UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship (PS1, Dreamcast, 2000)

This groundbreaking game was released in 2000 and successfully merged fighting game mechanics with sports simulation into a game that MMA fans would be proud of. The game had easy-to-learn controls (especially with the stand up game) that drew in casual players, while hardcore fans could relish in the deep ground and submission game. At that time, UFC was positioned as a “Which martial art is the best?” brand, and the game reflected that by having each fighter representing a martial art. From Judo, kickboxing, muay thai, boxing, to grappling and submission wrestling, martial arts fans had hundreds of moves at their disposal. UFC was an instant classic that ushered in a new generation of combat sports games, educated a new breed of MMA fans, and positioned the UFC as a brand powerhouse.


Pride FC was the first MMA game to feature Ken Shamrock

3. Pride Fighting Championships: Pride FC (PS2, 2003)

Basically, any game that lets you play as Sakuraba is best in my book. Pride Fighting Championships, once Japan’s answer to the UFC was a high-impact, high adrenaline league that featured some of the best fighters in the world. The game had Rampage Jackson, Dan Henderson, Ken Shamrock, Wanderlei Silva, Big Nog Nogueira, Enson Inoe, and Alexander Otsuka just to name a few. Pride FC also added more move positions such as the standing clinch, standing sprawls, and improved submission struggle dynamics. At the time of its release, Pride FC was the deepest and most featured MMA video game in the market.


90 Fighters and multiple weighclasses made this game amazing

2. UFC Undisputed 2010 (PS3/Xbox 360, 2010)

UFC Undisputed features 90 fighters and some of the biggest names in modern MMA, from Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez and Anderson Silva, a wide array of fighters and fighting styles are represented in the game. The striking game is well executed, with fighting dynamics that are reminiscent of Japanese K-1 games. UFC 2010 improved on 2009 by adding sways, counters, as well as character-specific moves, stances, and styles to differentiate each fighter from one another. The fights are faster, knockouts happen more often, and submissions improved, UFC: Undisputed 2010 was a positive step forward for the franchise.


The ground game in EA MMA was unrivaled. Perhaps until UFC Undisputed 3

1. EA Sports: MMA (PS3/Xbox 360, 2010)

Representing StrikeForce and the global MMA arena, EA Sports MMA is a slower and more methodical fighting game as compared to UFC Undisputed. Striking controls are similar to the ones found in EA’s own Fight Night franchise, but isn’t as deep as its boxing counterpart. EA MMA has a smaller roster of fighters compared to UFC; however, at a closer look, the game features the past, present, and future of the combat sport. Legendary fighters like Bas Rutten, Josh Barnett and Ken Shamrock can be pitted against Gerard Mousasi, Jason Miller, and Jake Shields; all considered the present and future of the sport. Ground fighting is EA MMA’s strongest feature. Animations flow well, controls are tight and responsive, and the chess-like precision offered to clinches, BJJ, and grappling battles immerse the players in the fight.

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Do you think there are other better MMA games out there?


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  1. haha oh man i remember playing the ps2 strikeforce/ufc games… had so much fun with them back in the day….but man are they bad haha

  2. haha oh man i remember having so much fun with old ps2 strikeforce/ufc games but they were so bad haha. had no idea about the snes games. kind of blew my mind….

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