New SSX Game Coming For PS3 and 360 – E3 2011 Coverage

New SSX Game Coming For PS3 and 360 – E3 2011 Coverage

EA announced today that a new SSX game is in development and coming to multiple platforms in 2012. More information after the break! During the EA Games press briefing, EA Sports President Peter Moore presented the newest addition to the franchise simply titled SSX. It seems like a reboot of the series that started almost a decade ago.

Credit: EA Sports

Moore said that the game will feature mountains and slopes from all over the globe. He also revealed that they’ve been using NASA satellite imagery to scope the different mountains and create realistic locations for the players to to the series are different ways to snowboard off the mountains. These gameplay changes are called Race it/Trick it/Survive it.

Race it – Traditional SSX snowboard race from past games. Here players will have to outrun their opponents to be the first one to the finish line.

Trick it – In this mode, players will have to perform various death-defying tricks and moves to beat their opponents score .

Survive it – What I think is the most exciting new gameplay feature, this game type will have the players try to survive avalanches and other natural disasters.  Imagine Motorstorm: Apocalypse’s crazy environments and replace the cars and city with snowboarders and mountains.

Moore added that SSX will feature unique characters, a massive open world to explore, deadly environmental hazards, as well as big jumps and stunts. SSX is slated to be released in January 2012.


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