Auto-Aim Killed The FPS

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Auto-Aim KilledThe FPS

Auto-Aim: Auto-aiming (or Auto-targeting) allows for a character to attack or interact with an object or enemy that’s very near to the player or within their field of vision. This includes Lock-On as well as Bullet and Reticule Magnetism. (Credit: GiantBomb)

I may be a Jaded gamer, but I remember a time when First Person Shooters on consoles didn’t have auto-aim(AA). These games actually demanded gamers to buck up, improve on their skills, and actually aim their goddamned crosshair in order to get kills. The first person shooter is designed for players to actually aim their guns at their opponents, not press an auto-aim button to sticky-aim to the guy who’s unlucky enough to be in range. Back then, there was none of this quickscoping, sticky-aim, aim-assist stuff that the Call of Duty generation grew up on.

There was a time when publishers did not require developers to include auto-aim in their games. Half-life (PS2), Black (Xbox/PS2), Killzone (PS2), Medal of Honor (PSX), and other titles were all considered top-tier games, yet no one complained that these titles didn’t have an auto-aim feature.

Now I can understand putting auto-aim in games like Quake III: Arena or Unreal Tournament for the Sega Dreamcast, since the controller only supports one analog stick. I also understand that in order for games to appeal to the masses (casual gamers and couch commandos), developers did not have a choice but to add aim assist/auto-aim functions; but for gamers to cry and complain about not having AA functions in their modern FPS games is quite ridiculous.

Wouldn’t you consider yourself a better gamer if you actually used your skills in aiming and not just pushing L1 or the left trigger to automatically stick to the player who happened to be close to your vicinity?

The Halo’s and the Call of Duty’s have spoiled/fooled a new generation of couch commandos into thinking that they’re skilled at first person shooters with their sticky-aim and their quickscoping. There’s even major league gaming around those games. Now I’m not saying that they’re bad games. In fact I love Halo and COD.

But if you’re going to have legit tournaments, better do it with games that don’t support auto-aim. What I’m saying is that before you brag that you’re “teh b3st” in a certain FPS, maybe you should think about turning on manual aiming first.

Once you’ve mastered the art of the manual aim, you’re certainly more entitled to the best player or MVP bragging right.

Agree? Disagree? Love the auto-aim? Let me know by subscribing and leaving comments.


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  1. Wow, you certainly DO sound jaded!! Haha. I agree with you, though. I feel so much more accomplished if I manage my shots all on my own than when it’s guided for me.

    STILL, I’m currently playing Mass Effect 1 and I do appreciate the basics of AA. It just streamlines the game experience the tiniest bit more. 😉 When on multiplayer, I turn it off, though. I suck more, but whatever. I feel I gotta earn my skillzzzz!!

    Actually, that might be why I’m not so good at the multiplayer CoD games.


  2. i fully agree, having myself grown up on most things past doom2 i really liked the fact that i HAD to aim back before the auto aim, i still prefer the non-AA games (TF2,SC:S) over the ones with (COD, MW), this is one of the reasons i don’t like it because it give people a wrong judge of the skill they are at and then they say CS:S sucks because (stupid reason here) because they aren’t getting AA help

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