More Scariest Moments in Gaming

If this scene doesn’t scare you, then I don’t know what else will.

More Scariest Moments in Gaming

First off, I’d like to give thanks to the guys at Booya Gadget and their readers for sharing their scariest moments in gaming.

With that, many of us love playing survival horror games, and there’s something about being underpowered, overwhelmed by ghostly, demonic, or zombified pursuers that keeps us hooked until the very end, regardless of how scared or perturbed we are. Because of that, I wanted to write about what are (for many) some of the scariest moments in gaming history:

*Note: Please be forewarned, some of these scenes can spoil some of the games’ plot points. Read at your own discretion.

Resident Evil – Damn Zombie Dogs

I remember playing through the first Resident Evil title not knowing what the game was all about. I remember running around frantically after witnessing the very first zombie just outside the dining area. I thanked all my lucky stars as I was able to put down that zombie after unloading an entire clip of my 9mm Beretta on it. I have a gun! My plan was that I would run as far away from the slow zombies as I could and pump them full of lead; rinse and repeat. I was so sure of my strategy.

Until I went into the hallway that scarred millions of people around the world. What seems like a hallway devoid of zombies turned out to be one of the scariest moments in gaming as zombified dogs jumped through the window and into the hallway. These mutts, with their rotting skin, and razor sharp teeth were hungry, and I was their walking buffet. Needless to say, I barely survived that first encounter and would learn to expect the unexpected when playing Resident Evil.

Heavy Rain – The Psychotic Doctor

With time running out and lives on the line, Madison had to figure out who the Origami Killer was before it was too late. One of clues she found brought her to the home of Adrian Baker, a former doctor who lost his license due to illegal drug trafficking. Madison pretends to be an addict looking for her next fix in order to gain access to his house. To “celebrate” his first transaction with Madison, the doctor offers her a glass of hard liquor and she accepts, fearing that he might refuse to talk to her if she didn’t.

*Important Rule: Do NOT take gifts from strangers, especially creepy looking old men.

Madison did not follow that rule, and found out that the drink had been drugged as she faded from consciousness. She wakes up tied to a table; her hands and legs tied down in the basement. As she frantically looked around the room for any sort or escape route, she realized that the doctor was indeed a good one. Good at opening up people and torturing them alive. With the doctor coming, she realized she only had a few moments to escape before the doctor would have his way with her. And thus begins one of the most terrifying scenes in Heavy Rain.

Condemned: Criminal Origins – The Body in the Locker

As FBI Agent Ethan Thomas searched for Serial Killer X, one of the clues led him to the lockers in one of the abandonned locations. He opens one and finds the mutilated body of SKX’s victims. He knew he needed to investigate further so he pulls out his camera and takes photos of the crime scene.

He takes a picture of the body and sends it to FBI headquarters for further analysis. His contact then asks him to take another photo, as the one he sent did not come in properly. A close up picture if possible. As Ethan zoomed in to take one last photo of the man’s face, it suddenly grabs hold of his hand and begs for help. The victim was still alive!

Or perhaps it was all just in Ethan’s head…

Silent Hill: The Room – Cynthia

*This one scared the hell out of me since I’m deathly afraid of Asian ghosts shown in movies like The Ring, The Grudge, Shutter and other Asian-based horror movies.

Henry searched the abandoned subway station when he runs into one of the scarier apparitions in Silent Hill history. This lady had long black hair that covered her face and she moaned and crawled slowly towards him. He will never forget the sounds of her moans and cries as she slowly floated off the ground looked at him and began to head towards his direction.

This ghost wanted Henry, she was fast and she would pass through anything just to get to him.

Silent Hill 3 – The Haunted Mansion

As if trying to survive her nightmare wasn’t enough, Cheryl realizes that she has to pass through the Borley Haunted Mansion attraction in order to get to the next part of her adventure. And too bad for the player, this haunted house has some pretty good scares and the ones that got to me were the ones that showed no actual ghosts or killers, but the ones that provided backstories about the people who died in the mansion, who killed killed them, and how they were killed.

A quote from one of the rooms:

“Do you hear those voices? A family of four were sliced to bloody pieces in this room. Ah the cries of the children… The murderer was caught. Do you know why he said he killed his family? Becuase I felt I had to!”

And that was when I turned of the system because it was too scary for me. I Continued playing the game the next morning so I wouldn’t have to play it in the dark.


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  1. Many thanks! I’m thinking of adding more to it soon. A lot more scary moments to go!

  2. The dogs on resident evil, a classic!

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