Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood 2v2 Tournament – EVO Gaming League

Assassin’s Creed:Brotherhood 2v2 Tournament – EVO Gaming League

As part of the new weekly gaming tournaments at EVO Games in Langford, earlier tonight, three teams battled for Prizes, kudos, and bragging rights as the best local AC: Brotherhood players. The teams at hand were:

  • Team Breezy (Working Title)
  • The Brotherhood
  • Team EVOCats

It was a double elimination tournament; each match consisting of 2 rounds. The team with the higher score wins and moving on to the next match. The game mode in play tonight was Manhunt (One team as hunter and the other, the hunted). In order to keep the game fair, all perks were turned off leaving all kills and scores achieved through pure skill and teamwork.

The hunters gain points by assassinating their targets with “incognito kills,” and stylish kills. The Hunted gain points by evading their hunters by blending into the crowd and the environments.

Tournament Results

Match 1

Team Breezy vs. The Brotherhood (Map – Rome)

Round 1 Scores: Team Breezy 2250  – The Brotherhood 3130

Round 2 Scores: Team Breezy 4185  – The Brotherhood 5100

Winner: The Brotherhood

Match 2

The Brotherhood vs. Team EVO Cats (Map – San Donato)

Round 1 Scores: The Brotherhood 2600 – Team EVO Cats – 1650

Round 2 Scores: The Brotherhood 4700 – Team EVO Cats – 3730

Winner: The Brotherhood (Finalist)

Match 3

Team Breezy vs. Team EVO Cats (Map – Castle Gandalfo)

Round 1 Scores: Team Breezy 1665 – Team EVO Cats 1350

Round 2 Scores: Team Breezy 3465 – Team EVO Cats 3225

Winner: Team Breezy (Finalist)

Tournament Championships – Best out of 3 games

Team Breezy vs. The Brotherhood (Maps – Rome, San Donato, Castle Gandalfo)

Game 1 Winner: The Brotherhood

Game 2 Winner: The Brotherhood

EVO Gaming League AC: Brotherhood Tournament Winner: The Brotherhood

Next week, EVO Games will have a Mortal Kombat Tournament. Please contact EVO Games for more information.


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