Forgotten Treasures 8 – The Saboteur

Forgotten Treasures #8

The Saboteur (PS3/Xbox 360/PC)

World War II first person shooters are a dime-a-dozen. Name a battle, any battle that took place in the European campaign and it’s probably already faithfully re-enacted (in video game form) in the Medal of Honors and the Call of Duties of old. That’s why it was such a treat to finally play an open-world third person shooter set in a fairly overused backdrop.  Pandemic Studio’s The Saboteur combined the wanton destruction of Mercenaries, the vertical parkour of Assassin’s Creed, and the driving/shooting of GTA IV into one fun-filled adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

The Saboteur casts the player as Sean Devlin, a tough-as-nails Irishman caught in the middle of the Nazi occupation of Paris, France. An unfortunate choice lands his best friend murdered, and Devlin must use everything in his arsenal to bring the fight to the Germans. The player uses various weapons and explosives to bring down Nazi vehicles, watchtowers, and bases. Basically, if it’s Nazi-owned, the player can bring it down, in very explosive ways.

The Saboteur is a third person shooter that has fairly accurate controls when on foot and driving. Shooting handles well too, with smooth and responsive aiming. However, the vertical parkour gameplay doesnt hold up to the rest of the game mechanics. It’s not as responsive as Assassin’s Creed or Infamous; parkour animation is lackluster as well.

The game sports a “Schindler’s List” type color palette. Nazi-controlled territories are black and white and color is returned when Devlin liberates it by completing missions and eliminating German officers within. The black and white color palette really works for the game and gives it a very unique look that’s rarely seen in modern games. However, problems start to pop up when color is returned to the various territories. The game engine just doesn’t look as good with color as it does without.

It might seem like I’m being too harsh on the game, but I’m only picking out the small parts that need improvement. Otherwise, the rest of the game is excellent. Even after finishing the main campaign, I’ve spent months hunting down the hundreds of Nazi controlled structures and bases. Guaranteed, players will spend weeks or even months trying to finish this addictive open-world shooter.

Unfortunately, it seems a sequel is out of the question as it’s developer, Pandemic Studios, has been shut down. Hopefully EA Games realizes that it has a gem in its hands with The Saboteur and turns it into a franchise.

Have you guys played The Saboteur yet? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments.


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