Free PC Games (For Gamers on a REALLY Tight Budget)

Free PC Games (For Gamers on a REALLY Tight Budget)

So if you’re like me, a university student; chances are you don’t have much room on your budget for video games. Let’s be honest folks, it’s an expensive hobby.

In order to help you guys out, I’ve compiled a list of free (legit) games you can download and play straight from the world wide web. Check out the list after the break. 

Free Games Downloads

  • Spelunky (Same one found on PSN and XBL – FOR FREE)

Best Flash Based Games

  • Sarien.Net – Authorized portal for Sierra Adventure Games (Space Quest, Police Quest, Kings Quest etc…)
  • Super Mario Crossover – SMB Crossovered with other NES heroes (link, ryu h, bill, samus, simon etc…)
  • Alien Hominid – The original Alien Hominid Flash Game (XBL game is based on this)
  • Portal – Flash game based on Valve’s successful Portal franchise

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