Who Should Play Nathan Drake In The Uncharted Film? (Poll)

Who Should Play Nathan Drake In The Uncharted Film? (Poll)

Nathan Drake, the protagonist of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is known to his fans as the everyman, an inherently flawed character with good intentions, a strong will, a penchant for cracking jokes,  with a knack of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Fans of the series were stunned when Sony announced that Mark Whalberg was to play the titular character in the upcoming game to film adaptation. Whalberg, who was no stranger to video game adaptations, was the main draw for the film Max Payne. The film received not-so-favourable reviews, with many directed at Whalberg’s rendition of the hard-boiled detective.

Sony fans cried foul and demanded a recast immediately.

Thousands even started a petition, in a bid to get Sony to cast actor Nathan Fillion (star of TV Dramas Castle and Firefly) as the hero. Russell fanned internet flames when he announced that he was planning to make a number of changes to the Uncharted mythos, placing Nathan Drake in an adventure with his treasure hunting family (played De Niro and Pesci).  Fans were so enraged that they went as far as personally contacting director David O. Russell to state their points.

In May, Uncharted fans rejoiced when the then-director David O. Russell announced that he was stepping away from the project and that Neil Burger (director of Limitless and The Illusionist) would be helming the project. Also, there are rumors that Mark Whalberg may drop from the project as well.

While scouring the many discussions and forums all over the web, fans have named a number of actors they want to portray their hero. Actors like Nathan Fillion, Gerard Butler, Chris Evans, Colin Farrell, and Ryan Reynolds seem to be the most popular among them. I personally would like to see either Evans or Reynolds as Drake since they both have the mannerisms and the dry, quick wit that Drake is so famous for.

We then ask you the reader which actor would you like to play Nathan Drake in the upcoming film?


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