Buy New Games, Play To Win

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Buy New, Play to Win

By: Lee Guille

Step into any store dedicated to selling games for the latest release and you’re usually given two options, buy new or pick up a used copy for a few bucks cheaper.

Personally, I hate buying used games. Shelling out the extra three or four dollars to support my favourite studio and get a product that’s guaranteed to work generally isn’t something I’m going to lose sleep over. But I like having the options.

If I’m on the hunt for something unusual such as one of the twelve copies of Suikoden Tierkreis Konami released in North America, I’m likely to snap it up in an instant. And for those who don’t mind losing 80% of their investment, Gamestop and the like will give back a few bucks for trade-ins.

Safe to say, as a consumer, I prefer new. What I don’t care for are companies limiting what I do with the games I purchase. Growing up, video games were a social activity for my crowd. We’d gather together for Street Fighter II tournaments and eat junk food while taking turns playing Final Fantasy III. If I wanted to swap my copy of Toe-Jam & Earl for a friend’s Sonic Spinball, that was my business.

Recently, Sony and Ubisoft announced pay-to-play passes for used copies of multiplayer titles. That bothers me. It feels just a little shady, even if I understand where these companies are coming from. Renters and purchasers of used games are basically picking up a crippled product. That really bothers me. But then again, so does the business model behind selling used games.

Pre-order DLC, added content for buying new, and access to other extras are the way to entice gamers to buy new. Developers, give us reasons to pick up your title when it comes out. Making consumers pay extra fees rarely goes down well, especially if the buyer feels like they’re not getting a complete product.

In the future, I’m likely to continue buying new and I encourage anyone who can afford it to do the same, but come on people… don’t pick up passes for used titles, it’ll set a precedent for a whole new kind of cash-cow for companies to milk. Gamers who are into multiplayer should just buy new so everyone wins.

Lee Guille is sold on socks, sandwiches, and Sony.


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