Freddy Kreuger Joins Mortal Kombat

Freddy Kreuger Joins Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat’s newest and final downloadable character was announced by Warner Bros. earlier today and it was much of a surprise to most of the gaming world. Everyone’s favorite nightmare serial killer Freddy Krueger (Star of of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise) joins the Mortal Kombat crew. More information and the trailer after the break.

At first glance, Freddy seems like a weird addition to the roster; however, his claws, his penchant for murderous violence and his creativity makes him a perfect fit for the MK universe.

Here’s a request from a horror fan to Warner Bros., let’s have the match of the millenium happen. Release Jason Voorhees as the FINAL DLC character for Mortal Kombat. Freddy Vs. Jason part 2 will happen. I just know it.

Check out the trailer from Freddy Kreuger MK Trailer at


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