THQ Games Half-Price on PSN

THQ Games Half-Price on PSN

Starting July 26, 2011 THQ is having a massive 50% discount sale on most of its games and downloadable content found on the Playstation Network. More information after the break.

If you’ve been unsure whether to get Red Faction Guerilla or Battlegrounds, now might be the time to get them as they are part of the 50% discount sale. The list of games on discount are as follows:

  • Red Faction Guerilla
  • Red Faction Battlegrounds
  • Costume Quest
  • MX vs. ATV Reflex
  • MX vs. ATV Untamed
  • Stacking
Stacking and Costume Quest are some of the most innovative and engaging games found on PSN. Definitely recommended.
The DLC’s on sale are as follows:
  • All Red Faction Guerilla DLC
  • Red Faction Battlegrounds DLC
  • UFC Undisputed TUF Fighter pack DLC
  • You Don’t Know Jack DLC
  • All WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 DLC characters
  • Stacking DLC
  • Saints Row 2 DLC
  • MX vs. ATV Games DLC’s
If you own any of the games listed above, it’s time to get those DLC’s as the 50% Discount is only for a limited time.

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