Play Classic Sierra Adventure Games Free On Your Browser

Play Classic Sierra Adventure Games Free On Your Browser

Back then, no one believed that gamers can play their favorite games on the internet for free, yet here we are, in 2011 playing time-tested classics on our browsers, tablet PC’s, and even our phones.

If you’ve ever played PC games back in the early 90’s then you’ve most likely have experienced point and click adventure games. These story-driven games were all the rage, offering deep characters, in-depth storylines, and mature content that game consoles like Sega’s Genesis or Nintendo’s SNES couldn’t.

However, point and click adventure games have been all but forgotten for almost a decade and a half, with a few bursts of innovation and genre-defining titles that would try (yet fail) to resurrect the genre. To some, the adventure genre is dead.

It was then a big surprise to learn of a website called Sarien.Net which offered old-school Sierra adventure games to gamers for free. And these aren’t rip-offs or flash-based copies; these are the same games that we played as youngsters.

Martin Kool, Sarien.Net’s creator (and huge Sierra adventure games fan) managed to extract all of the classic games’ objects and code and made it available for play with just a person’s internet browser.

Sarien.Net Offers the following games free-to-play to anyone:

All players need to access these games is a keyboard, mouse, and supported internet browser. (iPad works too)

In case you’re wondering, Sarien.Net is all legit. That means that the games are all licensed and was allowed by Activision to be released to the public for free.

Let’s all thank Activision for their generosity on this one. And thank Martin Kool for his hard work and dedication in keeping the point-and-click adventure genre alive.


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  1. I am sick with the flu. This post just saved my weekend.

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