The Top 5 Hardcore Nintendo Wii Games

The Top 5 Hardcore Nintendo Wii Games

There was a time when Nintendo was at a distant third place in the console war. Everyone knew that the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox were the clear winners of the previous generation. It was then a surprise when Nintendo’s Wii became the number one system this generation. Because of its easy-to-use controller, motion-sensing technology, and fantastic first-party line-up, the Wii entered millions of homes. The system catered to the casual crowd, getting everyone in on the action. Old, young, gamer, non-gamer, it had something to offer everyone. But we’re not looking at those kid and casual friendly games, we’re looking at the most hardcore games on the Wii. This means blood and guts, all-day gaming, online trash-talking, violence-filled games. Check out the top five list after the break.

And with that, I go right into JTM Games’ Top 5 Hardcore Nintendo Wii games!

5. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

The game that re-envisioned the first Silent Hill takes players on a tension-filled experience that uses psychology to determine the story’s direction. Each chapter is bookended with Harry’s visit with a Psychiatrist, and each decision, answer they provide here shapes the rest of the game from characters, to environments, to plot points. The game also has the best lighting system ever seen on the Nintendo Wii. Controls are spot-on as well. Small, slight movements of the Wiimote are read by the sensor and realized on the screen when Harry moves his flashlight to the players directions. Anyone looking for a scary Wii game should pick this up.

4. MadWorld

The most violent video game ever made, bar none, is also one of the few mature-rated games on the Nintendo Wii. The game cast players as Jack as he murders his way to the top of reality game show aptly called “DeathWatch.”  It featured open-ended levels that invited players to experiment with different tools and ways to dispatch (murder) their opponents for higher scores. The bloodier and the more brutal the kill, the more points were awarded. And since the Wii has limited graphical power compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360, the black and white art direction differentiated the game from other titles on the system.

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex Edition

Who would have ever thought that the ultra popular COD4 would was possible on the Nintendo Wii? The system’s controls didn’t exactly lend itself to first person shooters well, yet COD4 stood as the best shooter on the system. Every feature from the PS3 and Xbox 360 survived the port, and it had a fully-featured online community. Controls were easy to use yet hard to master, and the addictive rank-up system that made COD4 popular was as addictive in this port. Even now, three years after its release, COD4 Reflex still has one of the most active online communities on the Wii.

2. Monster Hunter Tri

Japan’s most loved game is also the second best game on the Wii. If you’ve ever played addictive, dungeon-crawling, action RPG’s then you might have a vague idea of what Monster Hunter Tri offers. The game asks players to create their own unique hunter and releases them into the online community to hunt massive Wyverns. There’s no traditional leveling system here, it’s replaced by an armor smith system that determine players ranks and defense. So the better armor and weapon set a player has, the more powerful they became. Monster Hunter Tri even makes use of the Wii Speak peripheral for those players who hate having to type on their keyboards or by using their Wiimotes. Monster Hunter Tri has the second biggest online Wii community next only to COD4.

1. GoldenEye: 007

The most celebrated console first person shooter gets re-made on the Nintendo Wii. This time, GoldenEye casts players as Daniel Craig as James Bond as he fights evildoers in a style that’s all his own. The game features some of the original levels, updated of course, weapons, characters and multiplayer features that should be familiar to those who loved the first game. But don’t be confused, while this may be the same story, it’s also a brand new game, featuring new levels, bad guys, and other knickknacks that will truly satisfy not only GoldenEye fans, but first person shooter fans as well.


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  1. So, when I read the title I thought that meant hard games. But obviously not lol. My boyfriend wanted MadWorld forever, I’m not sure if he got it but he couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks, if not months. He also like COD, but I’m pretty sure he does it on the PS3. I usually don’t like fighting games, except Street Fighter lol Feel free to giggle a little, I’m only the girlfriend(:

    • Thanks for the Comment Maria!

      Hey, everyone’s welcome to game! You won’t find any giggling here about your game choices! The beautiful thing about the Wii is that it opened up gaming to a whole new market who would’ve never even thought about playing video games if all there was to play was COD or medal of honors or the mortal kombats. So it was nice to be able to play more casual games for casual gamers to enjoy.
      Think of it as gaming crack. Once you have a little, you can’t help but have more. Of the hardcore kind.

      – JTM

  2. JulesMichael92

    I love Mad World. Its so epic! when i first play it, Jack looks like Hellboy without the u know make up and crap. i love the graphics, the comic theme, blood, ITS AWESOME! One time i played it in front of my boyfriend he was like “Wow, Babe u can kick ass in this game!”

    Ive been playing alot of violent video games with blood and guts and Monsters.


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