Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Valve Interview

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Valve Interview 

Valve is hard at work at creating the newest game in its ultra-popular multiplayer franchise. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth game in the CS franchise and one that is supported by the many Counter-Strike councils and the community. Global Offensive is a downloadable title that will be available for PC, and for the first time, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2012.

For the last 12 years, Counter-Strike has been at the forefront of FPS gaming mod communities as well as gaming tournament worldwide. What started out as a mod by two guys, became a sensation, a game that was played by religiously by many even more than a decade after it’s release.

JTM Games had a chance to talk with Ido Magal , Project Lead and Chet Faliszek, Writer at Valve Corporation to discuss details about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. check out the interview and gameplay footage after the break.

JTM Games: How long have you been developing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

Ido Magal: Two years; it was originally started by Hidden Path Entertainment. They did a version, a straight-port of Counter-Strike: Source and they got us really excited about it. And then we thought, we need to take this to the next level and really bring it to the community by having all the councils, have an updated version on the PC and let everyone play it. We wanted to bring people back to what we love about it.

JTM Games: How many players are supported?

Ido Magal: It’s based around five versus five. This is what the pros use and there’s a reason for that; that’s about right for the level of competitiveness and strategy.

JTM Games: A lot of people are curious to know if Valve is planning to implement an ADS (Aiming Down the Sight) option to the Counter-Strike core gameplay?

Ido Magal: Nooooo.

Chet Faliszek: We don’t know how we would do it in a way that wouldn’t slow the game down. And CS is a fast-paced game, it’s not about lurking slowly around corners with your sights up ready to shoot something, its about running forward and coming head on with other players and shooting them.

So in the future, if we find a solution where iron sights doesn’t slow the game down then we’ll consider it; but right now it’s not right for CS.

JTM Games: Are there going to be console specific features or game modes that PC versus Xbox 360, versus PS3 will have?

Ido Magal: No it’s Counter-Strike. It’s CS on the 360, it’s CS on the PS3, it’s CS on the PC.

Chet Faliszek: Well, the only difference is that on the PS3 you’ll have cross-platform play with PC and Mac community.

And on the PS3 we’re also supporting mouse and keyboard and other input devices so that you’ll be able to play against people and you’ll see if it’s the input device or if it’s your skill.

JTM Games: Other input devices? Does that mean that you’ll be supporting the PlayStation Move?

Ido Magal: Yes, Global Offensive will support PlayStation Move functionality.

JTM Games: What kind of game modes can players expect when the game releases?

Chet Faliszek: Good ones, fun ones, only the best!

Ido Magal: The only ones we’re talking about right now are the classic modes which are casual and competitive. So it’s the same bomb diffusion and hostage rescue rule-set of Counter-Strike but they have slightly different priorities.

JTM Games: Is there a way that the game can separate casual players from competitve players so that there’s a fair and balanced gameplay across both game styles?

Ido Magal: Yes, we have two distinct modes, so if you choose Casual, then you’re not gonna play with competitive players. And the other way is that within each mode it’s going to be skill-based matchmaking. So even if you’re a “casual competitive” player, you’ll be ranked and play against people of like skill. And the pros will play with pros, the casuals will play with the casuals.

JTM Games: There’s a generation of gamers who’ve grown up with the Call of Duty type of FPS with leveling and ranking systems; will Counter-Strike: Global Offensive include it’s own rank and level system?

Ido Magal: We don’t have one planned right now.

Chet Faliszek: Well a leveling system is often the way you earn skill by putting time into a game without actually being better at the game. We want to make sure that when players are playing CS it’s because they’re good at the game and the skills matched is based on their actual proficiency at the game, not just the length of time they put into the game.

Ido Magal: We have Counter-Strike players who’ve been playing it for 12 years now and they are at a very high level due to their inherent skill not because of some counter that’s been adding up ever since they started playing.

JTM Games: How much will the game cost when it releases?

Ido Magal: We’re not worried about that yet, it’s going to be downloadable and its going to be priced accordingly but the specifics we haven’t nailed down yet. Our first priority is just making the game good.

JTM Games: Condition Zero had a single-player campaign mode. Will Global Offensive have one as well?

Ido Magal: No, there will be offline play with bots. There will be split-screen offline play with bots so you can play against bots with a buddy but it’s not going to have a campaign like Condition Zero.

JTM Games: When can players expect the game to come out?

Ido Magal: Early 2012. When the beta ends. We’re going to start the beta in October and we’re going to run it until the game is solid and then we’re going to lock down all platforms.

*End Interview*

From what I’ve played at PAX, Global Offensive is pretty much a hardcore Counter-Strike game that’s made by dedicated hardcore Counter-Strike players. Players will definitely get their money’s worth as they’ll be getting 12 years of battle-hardened gameplay, environments, balancing, weapons as well as a tight knight community who are very dedicated to the franchise.

We expect Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to be a heavy hitter, and a strong contender for game of the year once it releases in early 2012. In the meantime, check out this gameplay teaser.


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  1. My god the playstation move capability seems pretty damn awesome.

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