Free Gaming – Mirrors Edge 2D

Free Gaming – Mirrors Edge 2D

Mirror’s Edge was one of EA Games’ more innovative IP’s back in 2008. It was a game that was loved by critics yet had low sales. In order to help market the game, EA turned to independent developer Borne Games to create an adventure game that was free and playable on any web browser. Thus Mirror’s Edge 2D was born.

Hit the jump for more information and a link to the free game.

Mirror’s Edge 2D is a sidescrolling 2d game that has players take control of Faith as she runs and jumps off of rooftops in an attempt to get various collectible items. Faith is wonderfully animated and her movements feel natural. Controls are easy to pick up and players will have Faith running and jumping like a professional in no time. Imagine a game about parkour and the insane jumps, wall runs, and stunts that entails and you’ve got Mirrors Edge 2D.

I can honestly say that Mirror’s Edge 2D is the game Mirrors Edge (PS3/360) should have been. I’ve spent more time playing this on my browser than it’s console high def counterpart. There’s something about the animation, the music, and the controls that keep me and other players coming back for more.

Check out Mirror’s Edge 2D here.


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