GoldenEye 007: Reloaded – Activision Interview

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Activision Interview 

If you missed out on Activision’s 007 remake on the Nintendo Wii last year, fear not as the publisher is getting ready to redeploy the secret agent in his best video game on the Playstation 3 and on the Xbox 360.

GoldenEye 007 was originally made in 1997 for the Nintendo 64 game system and is widely considered to be the very first console first person shooter that got the controls right. It is also widely regarded as better than the movie the game is based from. This time, Pierce Brosnan is out, replaced by the darker and grittier Bond in Daniel Craig. I talked with Activision’s Glenn Oliver to talk about the game’s new exclusive features, PS Move Functionality, and multiplayer components that players can look forward to when the game releases later this year.

More information on GoldenEye 007: Reloaded plus a trailer after the break.

JTMGames: So Glenn, we’ve played GoldenEye 007 for Nintendo Wii, what separates Reloaded from its Wii counterpart?

Glenn Oliver: When we came out last year with GoldenEye for the Wii, we were saying that it was a re-imagined game based on the movie, and not necessarily from the original N64 game. We had Bruce Feirstein who wrote the game update the entire story for us, taking it from the cold war to the modern day financial banking crisis. We also updated all the characters and voiceovers.

The number one question we got as soon as we came out and showed GoldenEye off was “I play my first person shooters on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, can you bring it there?” And we wanted to do that, but in order to accomplish that goal we had to re-do the entire engine. We had to be able to do all the high-def graphics, we wanted to be able to have a big 16-player multiplayer component, we also wanted to add new content in there that hadn’t been available before on the Wii.

JTMGames: Are there going to be any exclusive features and game modes available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 releases of GoldenEye Reloaded?

Glenn Oliver: So, GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is going to be exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And one of the newest features that it has is the MI-6 OPS. It’s a single-player arcade experience, but at the end of that players can post their scores on leaderboards. Now the key is this, in MI-6 OPS, there are 4 different game types:

  • Eliminate, where we drop you into a map and there’s tons of different targets that you take out.
  • Defense, where you’re trying to grab data let’s say from a console and as soon as you start that process, your position is attacked and you have to defend it.
  • Stealth, where you’re trying to get from A to B without being detected
  • Assault, Which is much more of a you aggressively attacking enemy positions; it’s kind of like a gauntlet.

All of those are connected by another screen which allows you to setup your handicaps, whether that be player health, or AI aggressiveness, grenades, or all kinds of different settings in addition to game styles within that. So you can chooseGolden Gun, Paintball, or Ragdoll, or any number of those types.

Once you do that and you’re playing the game, at the end you get a score, and that uploads to the leaderboard. If you’re playing that game and I see your score, and I think “I like playing stealth and I see he has a good score I’m gonna try and beat his score.” When I click on that score, it shows me all of those various options and handicaps and downloads that to my game so I don’t have to change anything and I’m playing the game just the way you set it up; so when I beat you, I’m beating you on your own terms. There’s ten different missions under MI-6 OPS, all of which are exclusive to GoldenEye Reloaded.

JTMGames: From your demos on the showfloor, I saw that the PlayStation Move is supported for the PS3; could you tell us about it’s addition to the game?

Glenn Oliver: The motion controller of choice is the PlayStation Move along with the PS Sharpshooter. That integrates fully into the game. You can use those in the single player, the multiplayer, and even the MI-6 Ops mode. There’s nothing specially done for that, it just fits really well. We really like how that’s coming out and as you can see here today, people are really enjoying it as well. *Jan’s Note* He’s talking about the long lineup to try out PS Move for GoldenEye at the Activision booth.

JTMGames: Is it going to have that same control style as let’s say Killzone 3 or SOCOM 4 where you press a button and it locks on for you?

Glenn Oliver: I’m so glad you asked that question! Within the control settings there’s a number of different layouts. There’s different popular layouts that people like with a combination off buttons you can change. It’s more than just being a left hand or right hand situation, it’s a style of gameplay.

We’ll let you customize how the buttons are laid out, we’ll let you customize all the sensitivities so if you like to snap to or if you want to leave it very slow, or even if you just want to freeze the screen so you dont move around as you’re pushing let’s say to the edge of the screen and move off. It’s a really customizable experience to however you want to play it.

JTMGames: Are there going to be pre-order exclusives through retailers or console-specific exclusives?

Glenn Oliver: We’ve got a lot of announcements to make but right at this show we’re only talking about the single-player experience which of course includes the PlayStation Move, MI-6 Mode, and the single-player campaign.

*UPDATE* Activision has just announced a GoldenEye Double “O” Edition Bundle for the PS3 release.
The bundle will come with:

  • A copy of GoldenEye 007: Reloaded
  • PlayStation Move Controller
  • PlayStation Move Sharpshooter Gun Attachment
  • PlayStation Eye Camera

*End Interview*

As I tried the PS Move with GoldenEye Reloaded, I was surprised at how smooth and intuitive the controls were. That, in addition to the extra handling that the Sharpshooter gives, Reloaded feels as great and precise as using a mouse and keyboard for the PC. As well, the graphics look really good on the PlayStation 3. There’s a bit of pop-up when the game loads up, however I was told that it wouldn’t be a problem in the final release.


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