Onlive Retail Demo Kiosks Incoming?

Onlive Retail Demo Kiosks Incoming?

It seems Onlive demo kiosks are in the pipeline, you know, the ones like PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360 demo kiosks you always see at retailers like Gamestop, Wal-Mart, and EB Games. But these kiosks usually only let’s players demo one game at a time.

According to a recent interview with MSN Games, Onlive CEO Steve Perlman stated that the company is working closely with retailers to create demo kiosks. Ones that will let players demo any game within the Onlive marketplace. Not only is Onlive now 2nd to Steam in digital distribution, it looks like the company is poised to join the physical retail ring.

Find out more about this Onlive news after the break.

I think this would be a great way for Onlive to properly market it’s service (and microconsole) to the public. Not many people are aware of the service, its features, and the awesome gaming deal that is the PlayPack Bundle. This will also help retailers in that gamers who step into their stores can try more than one game at the kiosks, therefore increasing the chance to educate players of the multitude of other games that players would normally not even purchase.

How cool it would be for gamers to be able to find awesome smaller, more independent games that aren’t as heavily marketed as say high-profile titles backed by big name publishers?

[Via OnliveFans]


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