Tekken 6 PSP Review

Tekken 6 PSP Review


MSRP $19.99

1-2 Players

I can honestly say that Tekken 6 is one of the best fighting games for Sony’s portable platform. There’s nothing like bringing your favorite fighting game and playing it on the go. And while it does lack some of the features unlike it’s console counterparts, it still retains the core gameplay that makes Tekken such an enjoyable fighting game experience.

Anyone who’s played a Tekken game in the last two decades will know what Tekken 6 is about. It’s about hard hitting dial and juggle combos with movesets using real martial arts. Tekken 6 also has the biggest fighting game roster I’ve seen on the PSP. At a grand total of 43 (FORTY THREE!) unique characters and movesets, it’s guaranteed that everyone will find something or someone that they can enjoy playing as. 

The fighting in Tekken 6 is easy to pick and and play. Those who are looking for a more basic dial-in combos will  no doubt enjoy the game. However, those willing to scratch deeper into the game’s incredibly deep counter, juggle, (and with some characters throw and hold combos) will understand why Tekken has been in the forefront of 3D plane based fighting games. There’s enough depth and tournament-level controls and strategy that will please those who love their fighting games deep and challenging.

One issue I had with Tekken 6 for the PSP is that it didn’t allow for infrastructure play over the internet. Players are stuck with Ad-Hoc two player battles that isn’t as smooth or as easy-to-use unlike the system found in Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection. I can’t even count how many times I cursed the game out for lagging while the two PSP’s re-synched while in the middle of a match. Not cool Namco, not cool at all.

Still, players will find lots of other ways to get into fights in Tekken 6. There’s the Arcade Mode, which simulates going to the arcades of older times; with different belts and difficulties of fighters available. There’s Story Mode, which allows players to fight and earn each characters story endings. Ghost Battle, which allows players to fight continuously with pre-programmed or downloaded Ghost Data, simulating the different human play styles one would find the the arcades. As well, there’s the prerequisite Practice and Gallery modes that round out the package.

It’s barebones, but it’s like that to get players right into the fight. And it works to the game’s advantage.


Audio – Audio is pretty much the same between the console titles and the PSP. All the hits sound meaty and brutal and definitely works in the game’s favor. However, the music can be a negative or a positive depending on player’s tastes. There’s an overabundance of techno themes that permeate the package; and while I don’t mind it, I’m sure a lot of other Tekken fans find it annoying. Overall though, depending on the player’s musical tastes, the game’s audio makes a huge impact on the gameplay.

Graphics – Now this is technically where Tekken 6 shines. While the graphics don’t look as good as it’s HD counterparts, Tekken 6 for the PSP has some of the best looking and animated characters on the system. I play both the PS3 and the PSP versions frequently and I can’t even find missing animations or frames from the PSP version. As well, the weather and lighting effects work in tandem to bring players some really memorable fighting arenas. Two that definitely come to mind are the Helipad (during a thunderstorm) and the destroyed underground tunnel (lighting and water effects are amazing).


Again while not as fully featured (or as good looking) as its console brethren, Tekken 6 for the PSP actually brings players straight into the game’s fighting game system which works to the game’s advantage. The controls, the fighting, and the animations make for one of the best fighting games on the PSP (second only to Street Fighter Alpha 3: Max). And with more than 40+ characters, I’m sure players will find one or a number that they’ll enjoy playing as. Definitely a great addition to anyone’s PSP game library.


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