More Of The Best Xbox Live Arcade Games

Last week we posted a list of our Top 5 Favourites on Xbox Live Arcade, highlighting Shadow Complex, Dead Rising 2: Case West/Case Zero, X-Men Arcade, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Limbo.

Find out what games are included in our more awesome list after the break.

This week we’ve got our even more favourite-est (yeah, not a word, deal with it) 5 starting with:

5. Castle Crashers

1200 points

The real reason I bought an Xbox. Up to 4 players can hack, slash, and rain death down on their enemies in this callback to the days of the coin-op arcade. Get ready to button mash until everything around you is dead. Fun with friends and a couple beers. Still fun on your own, beers optional.

How can you not love a game with a level that is pretty much a non-stop poop joke?

4. Costume Quest

1200 points

Speaking of fun and funny, Double Fine Productions sends you (your choice of boy or girl) out on Halloween night for trick or treating. The trick’s on you as your brother (or sister) is stolen away by monsters and it’s up to you to get them back, and gather as much candy as you can carry on the way. Costume Quest is filled with fun characters and great lines. The combat is fun too! Transform from cardboard costume to giant mech, lady liberty, and more to fight the monster menace!

Want more? Download the DLC (only 400 points) for an extra adventure.

3. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

1200 points

Eye candy of the purest sort. Combat terrain and creatures straight out of the mind of Lovecraft while unlocking the mysteries of an all consuming planet. What hooked me more than the amazing design and clever puzzles was the amazingly smooth controls and the Metroid feel. I love cruising around in my little spacecraft ferreting out the world’s secrets, I hope you do too!

2. Death Spank Trilogy

1200 points (each)

Don your purple thong  of JUSTICE and fight for cash, equipment, and JUSTICE! Death Spank and its two sequels, Thongs of Virtue and The Baconing, combine Diablo-esque combat with Ron Gilbert’s (of Monkey Island fame) ridiculous sense of humor. Smite orks with your sword of cutting! gather rare unicorn poop! Kill the leprechaun mafia! Quest for unsavory and morally questionable NPCs!  We leave no stone unturned when it comes to Death Spank’s search for the thongs of power.

An extra shout out to Hothead Games for being Canadian and B.C. based!

1. Bastion

1200 points

I’ve already gushed over how much I love this game. Brilliant narration, a simple yet pleasing combat esthetic, delicious sound, and genius design mix together into one of the best titles to hit XBLA this year. Play it through for the alternate ending, it’s worth it.

I’m guilty of grooving to the soundtrack at work. You can stream it from here at no charge:

Yet to play favouites worth mentioning: Burnout Crash!, Crimson Alliance, and ilomilo.


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