Burnout: Crash! Review (Xbox 360)

Availability: Xbox LiveArcade, PlayStation Network

Price: 800 Microsoft Points

Burnout: Crash! Is the latest title in the Burnout franchise. Instead of being a AAA title like previous incarnations, Crash is a top-down XBLA game that plays more like a puzzler than racing game, but is a surprisingly fun diversion from the series.

Gameplay: A

Initially the controls feel a little clunky, but become familiar with time. Each of the 18 levels has three different modes to play where the player must balance causing as much destruction as possible while maintaining wreckage bottlenecks so traffic cannot escape. Getting points can be as simple as blowing stuff up, but setting up chain reactions and punting vehicles can lead to some serious scorage! (Did I just write scorage? That’s terrible! Why would I do that?)

Last until the end of the round and you’re rewarded with a colossal (and often hilarious) act of destruction!

Story: N/A

There really isn’t one. Not the point of the game. I will say that Criterion has injected more humour into this title than they’ve ever done before and it definitely worked.

Characters: C

Don’t expect much here. Like all Burnout games, the announcer is annoying and becomes repetitive over time.

Music and sound: B+

Sound in this game is nearly as much fun as the crashing. The music is fun and flows with the theme. Special events all have their own unique and catchy audio cues, see if you can name every 80’s pop song you hear. (Could be a great drinking game!)


I was on the fence about buying this game, but I’m glad I picked it up. Burnout: Crash is a fun play with friends and a challenging puzzle game when you’re challenge hunting on your own. Lay down ten bucks (a pleasantly surprising price point, I thought it would be $15) and I guarantee you’ll find your money’s worth.

I’ve yet to try the game with the Kinect. If you have, comment below to let us know what you think!


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