Burnout? Bought It! But Why?

Normally I might pick up a game because of a review, marketing campaign, the demo caught me, I like previous releases from studio, or a friend recommends it. Burnout: Crash had me on the fence. I enjoyed previous titles in the series but wasn’t sure the new format was going to be worth my ten bucks. Reviews weren’t selling me on it and that acid trip with The Hoff certainly didn’t do anything.

What caused me to pony up?

Mike Krahulik (Gabe of Penny Arcade fame) dumped four hundred and some odd words on the Penny Arcade blog about how he and his friends had a great time with it.

He didn’t get into details about gameplay, graphics, level design, or even the music. Just that he had fun with it, that’s all. It wasn’t a review, just one dude saying “Hey, I think this is awesome. You might like it too.”


After picking up Burnout: Crash it struck me that I had purchased this game in the same way I would as if a friend had recommended it to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never met anyone from Penny Arcade, nor have I ever spoken with Mike using Twitter or Facebook. I certainly am not stalking him from afar and don’t have the privilege of calling him a friend.

I enjoy Penny Arcade and love attending PAX. Apparently enough that it holds some sway in my buying decision. The influence of celebrity or a strange testament to the power of social media? You tell me.

Criterion, you can thank Mike for my ten bucks. It’s a great game. I’m having fun with it.

Anyone else have this happen to them? Who tipped the scales and what did you buy?


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