Top 5 Rhythm And Dance Games

I have to admit that I love dance and rhythm games. From the arcade’s Dance Dance Revolution, to Wii’s Just Dance, to Tap Tap Revenge on the iOS, dance and rhythm games get both the casual and the hardcore gamers to play together, regardless of their play style.

It all started in Japan a-decade-and-a-half ago with the release of the first Dance Dance Revolution in the arcades. From then on, gamers of all ages have flocked to the arcades (or home versions) whenever a new rhythm or dance game was released. But please keep in mind, this top 5 list is more of the DDR’s and less about Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

With that said, lets begin the countdown after the break.

5. Tap Tap Revenge 4 (iOS)

One of the more recent games on the list. I downloaded Tap Tap Revenge  for free on the App Store about a week ago. Ever since then, I hadn’t played any other games on my iPod Touch. The combination of different genres in music along with the addictive nature of hitting the screen prompts at the right times have me addicted to this freemium app. The game has players unlock songs through a leveling system. Basically, the higher your level, the more songs you unlock. They even offer new free songs on the music store every week. Those who want to purchase popular songs from Lady Gaga, Nirvana, and K-Pop sensations 2NE1 and Big Bang can buy them on the online music store for $.99 cents each.

Even if I never purchased any of the songs available on the music store, there’s still hundreds of free songs that will keep me occupied until the next version of Tap Tap Revenge gets released.

4. Michael Jackson: The Experience (Wii/PS3/Xbox 360)

Now I’m not much of a music fan, but I love old-school Michael Jackson albums. When I heard that Ubisoft was developing an MJ game, I was wary since most celebrity based games are horrible. Not so with Michael Jackson: The Experience.  While the game wasn’t as good as Just Dance or other dancing games, Michael Jackson: The Exprience made players feel like they’re doing the same choreographed dance moves as the king of pop. It also doesn’t hurt that almost 40 of Michael’s top hits are included in the game. From Thriller, to Rock with You, there’s an MJ song that everyone can dance to.

This game would be higher up in the list if it had more features and downloadable songs; alas, it looks like Ubisoft has stopped supporting it. Still if you love the King of Pop, regardless of his scandals, you’ll love this game.

3. SingStar: Dance (PS3)

With SingStar: Dance, not only do you get a dance and rhythm game, but a Karaoke game as well. Singstar Dance includes 30+ songs; each with their own dance choreography.  The player follows the onscreen dancer, and the game tracks the Playstation Move as the player imitates the dancing on screen. This can be done while another person sings along to the various songs. Singstar Dance is also compatible with older Singstar titles, most of which can be found on the cheap. Players can also visit the Singstore (online) to purchase more songs and dance choreographies to add to their collection.

Singing and Dancing to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” never gets old.

2. Just Dance (Wii)

The game that broke the 3rd party sales curse on the Nintendo Wii, Just Dance sold in the millions in its first few months in retail. And at a time when the game industry was starting to burn out on music games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero, Just Dance came along and put rhythm games back on the map. Using just one Wii remote, players can follow the dance choreography displayed on the screen for points – and perhaps – for health. Featuring more than 40 songs, Just Dance has tracks that everyone can enjoy whether it be old-school classics like Techtronic’s “Pump Up The Jam” to Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.”

1. Dance Dance Revolution (Multi-platform)

The granddaddy of dance games, Dance Dance Revolution – or DDR – took arcades by storm in the early 90’s and 2000’s. With it’s easy-to-learn-hard-to-master gameplay, everyone and their parents could play and enjoy the game. Suddenly everyone was going to game centers to play the dance arcade machine. More recent DDR games support up to 100 songs on one disc, and comes with dance mats that -while cheap – does it’s job in recreating the arcade atmosphere at home. As well, since DDR has been released for almost every modern game console, everyone can experience and enjoy the game that revolutionized the casual gaming crowd way before the Wii was birthed.


Do you have any favorite dance and rhythm games? Let us know in the comments section!


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  1. No mention of Dance Central?

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