Two Gamers One TV – Relationship Advice For Gamer Couples

There comes a point in many gamers lives when they meet a special someone and eventually begin living together. Often this new partner-in-life has no interest in games and will either ignore the habit or promote a lifestyle change to something they’re interested in such as shopping at IKEA or having wine parties with Fritz and Fran.

But sometimes it’s another gamer who rocks your world and although the both of you can share your passion for gaming, it can sometimes get in the way.

As a lucky guy married to an awesome gamer girl, I’ve got a few tips to help keep a relationship rolling:

1) Try Co-op-ing It

If you’re both needing some TV time, why not try playing together? Gaming can be a shared activity as easily as it can be a solitary one. Remember to be respectful, a “STFU NOOB” just might mean a night on the couch.

2) Avoid Spoilers

Communication is good, spoilers are bad. You might want to talk all about how awesome it was to take down a 30 story tall bone dragon, but if you wait until they’ve done it as well, you’ll be able to share in the experience rather than spoiling it.

3) Take Turns

You hold the controller, the controller does not hold you. Save yourself some eyestrain, pass the controller over, and knock off a few to-do’s off your daily list.

4) Make A Sacrifice

If your partner’s had a shitty day and wants some time killing zombies, let them have it. Brownie points go a long way in sustaining a relationship and odds are you’ll get the same treatment back.

5) Accept Different Tastes

Every year Square-Enix takes my wife and TV away for a week or two with flashy cinematics, nonsensical stories, and convoluted combat systems. In return she puts up with my sneaky shooters. Give and take is key in any successful relationship.

6) Don’t Be A Backseat Gamer

Nothing is more annoying (so I’m told) than someone telling you how to play a game. If the urge to point out secrets and spoilers is too great, step out of the room or find something else to keep your attention.

7) Turn Off The Machine

If a game is getting in the way, walk away from it for awhile. Relationships can be difficult enough without adding an extra layer of complications. And hey, since you’re both free <insert off-colour role-playing joke here>.

Have a relationship hint? Drop it in the comments section!


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Gamer, writer, marketer, husband, oppressed slave to cats. Follow me on twitter: Writeleewrite

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  1. I’ve never had another full on gamer as a ladyfriend, but I have had girlfriends who have become sporadically addicted to games. And vying for vidja attention can be a definite problem. These are good suggestions — although I’d bet (never having tried it) some relationship issues might arise from too much of #1.

  2. Andreakanightshade

    Wow, my fiancee is the exact same way, and these are things weve actually talked on. she’s a very active gamer (as am i but she has more time than me), so we can relate to dertain games and styles. and about the backseat gamers, you are completely right…

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