Zorya – Humble Indie Music

Fans of the Humble Indie Bundle are sure to be familiar with Amanita Design, a Czech independent game development studio responsible for hits such as Samorost2, Questionaut, and my favourite puzzle game of 2009, Machinarium.

The success of these titles comes not only from deliciously quirky design, but from amazing soundtracks designed by musician Tomas ‘Floex’ Dvorak that perfectly capture the characters and settings built by the rest of the Amanita team.

Parts funky and fun, others bizarre and hauntingly beautiful, Dvorak’s new album Zorya, released as Floex, mixes modern electronica with classical instruments such as piano, oboe, and cello to build truly awe-inspiring soundscapes.

With Zorya, Dvorak shows us his ability to create a genre-transcending album that commands attention through powerful and alluring sounds that evoke an melancholy-whimsy while inspiring hope. Stream the album for free through the floex site and if you like it, buy it. This is music we should all support.

Released only a few short weeks ago, Zorya has had me listening to it over and over. In fact, I just might go through it again.

For those who haven’t played an Amanita Design game, try Machinarium. You can grab a PC copy through Steam, Amanita Design’s store, or the recent release on the Apple Store. Machinarium is also set to see the light of day on Playstation 3 and Android platforms in the near future.

Like the album? Let us know what your favourite track is in the comments.


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