Fans Call For Suikoden VI

Fans Call for Suikoden VI

By: Lee Guille

Recently, Konami asked a simple question on their Facebook page: “What Konami game franchise would you love to see brought back?”

They asked, and the fanboys (and fangirls) answered: Suikoden!

The real question here though should be, “Is Konami listening?”

Earlier in the year, hopeful RPG fans tuning into Konami’s E3 press conferences were waiting for the announcement (or just a hint!) of an upcoming instalment to their popular Suikoden series. Konami’s leading series: Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill both had new instalments announced along with a number of re-rereleases of older titles and a smattering of action, party, and arcade titles. But no Suikoden VI.

It’s surprising that Konami has been so tight-lipped about the development of the latest in their RPG series. Historically, the Suikoden franchise has preformed quite well. It is generally very well reviewed, scoring highly on IGN, GameSpot, and other sites. Sales on most platforms are also quite high, with strong openings in Japan and overseas while side projects such as music and manga collections are snapped up by the large cult fan base.

Unfortunately, Suikoden franchise numbers can’t compare against the leading star in the J-RPG world, Final Fantasy, which could be what has been scaring executives off from green lighting a new Suikoden project. From where fans stand sales numbers seem high enough to warrant future releases, especially on platforms such as Xbox Live Arcade or the Playstation Network.

So, is this a case of Konami not wanting to compete for fan dollars? Is there something already in the works that they’re keeping quiet? The rumour mill has been pretty quiet on this one. What have you heard?

Lee Guille thinks anything beginning A has no business on pizza, except possibly aardvark. He’d try that.


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  1. This game is one of my favorite rpg I couldnt get enough of it the battle is top notch sailing across the sea is the best suikoden should come to ps3 and PSN it would the best

  2. After FFVII & Xenogears Suikoden II is my third all time favorite JRPG the series must continue I ask for a new Suikoden game for years now why KONAMI abandon this amazing franchise?



  4. Suikoden is my number one all time favorite JRPG!! please make suikoden 6! *sob*
    i’m begging you KONAMI… ;_;

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