Play King Of Fighters On Your Browser

SNK’s King of Fighters franchise has always been in the upper echelon of fighting games since its initial release almost 20 years ago. And while the series has seen release on a fair share of game consoles (Playstation, Xbox, PSP, Neo Geo Pocket Color, and even the Nintendo Gameboy) it has never been released for the PC in North America.

Well it seems a number of Chinese flash game developers have noticed that missing link and have released the newest version of KING OF FIGHTERS: WING for web browsers. KOF: Wing is a fighting game that brings together characters from various SNK and Capcom franchises to form an ensemble fighting cast.

Hit the jump for more information on KING OF FIGHTERS: WING for the web browser.

From Ryu, and Chun-li, to Iori and Mai, players can choose from 8 characters (plus two hidden) with all their moves, super attacks, and animations intact. This is no mere amateur flash-based game, the fighting is fast, intense and a lot of fun; just like the ones found on game consoles.

Even the sound effects, graphics, and music are the same ones found on the original games. Players won’t be able to help but feel nostalgia and familiarity with the game just as if they were playing the original games in the arcades of their youth.

Players can fight against the AI in single player mode  or with another player on the same keyboard. One player uses WASD as directional buttons and the other uses the arrows found on the right of the keyboard as his controller. Players can even configure buttons to match their taste and play style.

The game’s text is in Chinese so it may take players a few tries to get the feel for the menus and stats.




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