GottaCon 2012 Interview (Part 2)

As promised, here’s part two of our interview with Evan Hatch, one of the organizing partners on the upcoming GottaCon 2012 Gaming Convention.

JTM Games: If a business or a vendor wants to get involved with GottaCon, how would they go about doing that?

Evan Hatch: If a business is interested in either attending and promoting their product or just supporting the event through sponsorship, they would contact myself or Carson (Upton); we’re the two owners. Probably contact me via email:  And we have an information package on both exhibitor booths as well as sponsorship.

JTM Games: So far, are there any plans to hold the event twice a year?

Evan Hatch: No plans. We’ve talked about it, we’ve also talked about running a second one maybe in another part of the country. We don’t want to saturate it; there are other events here now. Since we started, there’s been numerous other events that have sprung up and we don’t want to become the event that runs numerous times in a year because then it loses its excitement and it loses its luster. We want to deliver a great even once a year, every year for the foreseeable future.

Will we move to another geographical location for a second event? I mean that’s possible; for now we’re just gonna focus, grow our event here, deliver quality and then look at expanding. But until we do and succeed in those goals, there’s no sense wasting our time. We want to focus here (Victoria) first.

Photo Courtesy of GottaCon

JTM Games: Is GottaCon going to stay a Victoria or BC centered convention, or are there plans to expand it into a nationwide event?

Evan Hatch: It’s always a possibility. If we outgrow the capacity of Victoria, then we would be forced to look somewhere else. At this time, there are no plans to move it. It really comes down to space. We’re at Pearkes Arena and this will be our fourth year. We figured we’d get about five years in here before we’d have to move. Our only option after this location is the Victoria Conference Centre, its very expensive, and we can’t offer as much in the way of events and affordable food. Because we strive to deliver affordable food at our events instead of gouging our attendees. We know fuel (food, drinks, etc) are necessary to have a good time, and they need to be affordable.

Before we move to a different location, we’re going to need a higher attendance rate in order to meet the cost that are associated with moving it. Down the road should we outgrow this space, we don’t really have a choice so it’s a decision we’ll have to make at that time and hope that whatever decision we do go with are going to be supported by the attendees.

GottaCon 2011 Costume Contest Winner

Photo Courtesy of GottaCon

JTM Games: How much does it cost for a person to attend GottaCon?

Evan Hatch: If you wanted to come for the full weekend, and you bought your ticket before January 24, 2012, it’s $35 taxes included. That will get you into the event for the full weekend. If you’re a video gamer, and you want to participate in competitive tournaments, the ones that we’ve branded premium, you’re looking getting a video game add-on, and that’s an additional $15. That add-on gets you into every video game event that’s run by GottaCon. This applies for every game console and PC.

If you want to play in the miniature-based events, it’s $45 taxes included if you buy advanced tickets. Otherwise it goes up to $50 at the door. There’s a Magic: The Gathering package which is a fantastic deal. We have great support from Wizards of the Coast this year which has allowed us to deliver value and quality in our events. That’s $60 taxes included.

All of our prices are listed on our website. We’re really excited. We’ve had a lot of inquiries about ticket sales already. People are really anxious to get their hands on the tickets.

Photo Courtesy of GottaCon

JTM Games: When is the event going to be held?

Evan Hatch: We aim to deliver GottaCon every year on the first weekend of February no matter what number day it lands on. But this year it will be February 3rd, 4th, and 5th 2012.

*END Part 2 of Interview*

The GottaCon Gaming Convention will be held on February 3 to 5 at Pearkes Recreation Centre in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. Ticket sales have begun on October 24th so purchase your tickets now while they’re still available.

There are different prices for each day as well as a full weekend pass price, family package prices, special packages which include entry into some of the major events as well as the option to add on a premium video game pass and/or a GottaCon 2012 t-shirt and dice set.

Check out the latest GottaCon 2012 Announcement/Press Release here:
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And check out the latest news/rules on the GottaCon 2012 Costume Contest here:
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For more information on GottaCon 2012, please visit their website:

Or contact Evan Hatch at:


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