5 Awesome Gaming Webcomics That Aren’t Penny Arcade

Photo Credit: Dueling Analogs

We all love Penny Arcade and the awesomeness they’ve brought to the world in the form of Child’s Play and PAX. But what about all those other great gaming webcomics out there?

Here’s a few of our favourite underdog gaming webcomics.

Credit: Mega Cynics

1. Mega Cynics

The autobiographical comic of two recently  met half-siblings who share a love of video games. Fun fact: one of these two is responsible for bringing Psychonauts to Mac. Can you guess which one? Humour, hockey and gaming. How can you go wrong?

Bonus points for being Canadian. Combo multiplier for sharing Vancouver Island with JTM Games.

Updates Wednesdays and Fridays.

Credit: digitalpimponline

2. Another Videogame WebComic

Experience video games from the perspective of the characters you play. A job’s not just a job when you’re part of this temp agency. Fun humor and a cool style.

Updates weekly.

Credit: Nerf Now!

3. Nerf Now!!

A gaming webcomic with a serious love of Team Fortress 2 and gaming in general staring a girl and her… tentacle. Not as nasty as it sounds. The art is fun and the writing is topical. Start from the beginning for some fun stories told in a sequential no-dialog style.

Updates Tuesday and Friday.

Credit: collectedcurios

4. How To Play

How to Play over at Collected Curios is a side project by Phillip Jackson the writer and artist best known for his humour webcomic Sequential Art (also a fun read). His ‘How To Play’ comics are tongue in cheek reviews of recent titles (mostly for the 360).  Well worth a read.

Updates sporadically (side project).

Credit: Dueling Analogs

5. Dueling Analogs

Gaming humour with an occasionally Not Safe For Work edge. From Mario to politics, no subject is safe from the twisted mind of Dueling Analogs creator Steve Napierski. Personally, I enjoy the reoccurring rejected Mega-Man villains comics.

Updates Mondays and Thursdays.


Got any webcomics that you love that aren’t listed here? Let us know in the comments section below!


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