More Yakuza Games In Development

According to SEGA Japan, the development team responsible for creating the Ryu Ga Gotoku (Yakuza in North America) franchise is working on two new Yakuza games for both the PSP and the PS3 – Yakuza: Black Panther 2 and Yakuza 5.

While not as popular in North America as it is in Japan, the Yakuza series has been amassing a surprisingly larger hardcore following that’s been hard at work at proving to SEGA of America that the series CAN sell in American markets. Fans of the series are now waiting for SEGA to localize Yakuza: Kenzan! (Samurai side-story based with its characters based on the Yakuza protagonists) and the aforementioned Yakuza: Of The End (Which had Kiryu and his friends battling undead as a virus devastates Japan).

More information about the newest Ryu Ga Gotoku games after the break!

In an interview with leading PS3 and PSP game magazine Shukan Famitsu PS3 + PSP, Kurohyou 2: Asura Hen (Black Panther 2: Fighting Demon Chapter) is the sequel to the PSP-exclusive Yakuza game which featured a different cast, a different city (Osaka), and a brand-new storyline.

Black Panther 2 continues the story of Tatsuya Ukyo as he battles through Osaka’s underground fighting circuit called Dragon Heat. For those worried that the Kurohyou 2 has become a linear game, worry not as the game’s producer has said that it will still be a story-driven open-world game in the same vein as it’s PS3 cousin.

Also according to Famitsu, SEGA has started developing a new game in the main Yakuza franchise. The company has said that Yakuza 5 is undergoing various changes and what looks like a brand new storyline. Many thought that the series finished with the release of Yakuza: Of The End (Known as Yakuza: Dead Souls Coming to North America in 2012) which had the main protagonists fighting to survive a zombie-infested Japan.


Will you wait for SEGA to localize the new Ryu Ga Gotoku games, or will you import them from Japan? Let us know in the comments section below.


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