Top 5 Silent Hill Soundtrack Songs

Over the years, the Silent Hill franchise has built it’s name on psychological and supernatural scares compared to the other survival horror games in the market. Each sequel (and re-imagining) one-upping each other on creeping out players through it’s characters, story, and environments.

But one thing most gamers often forget is that the Silent Hill franchise is also known for it’s soundtrack. Series composer Akira Yamaoka has been creating the songs for each game, from melancholy to thrilling, to the downright disturbing, the songs of Silent Hill have definitely helped gamers become immeresed in the truly terrifying world.

The following are the top five Silent Hill soundtrack songs.

5. You’re Not Here – Silent Hill 3 OST

As the intro song to Silent HIll 3, You’re Not Here is a bit of a departure as its a much faster pop-style song with some depressing lyrics. Akira Yamaoka’s guitar riffs are well done  and definitely gives it that signature Silent Hill vibe. As well, the song is performed by Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn (who is best known as the voice of Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex anime).

4. Room of Angel – Silent Hill: The Room OST

The creepiest songs on the list, Room of Angel was featured as part of Silent Hill: The Room’s intro. The haunting song’s lyrics seem to be directed towards one of the characters in the game, Cynthia. Room of Angel was also played during Cynthia’s death in the game. The lyrics talk about the killer’s feelings (or lack thereof) as he dispatches of certain characters.

“Here’s a lullaby to close your eyes
It was always you that I despised
I don’t feel enough for you to cry, oh well,
Here’s a lullaby to close your eyes

Once again performed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and composed by Akira Yamaoka and Hiroyuki Owaku. It is the song that really represents the horror of Silent Hill: The Room.

3. O.R.T/Illusions in Me – Silent Hill: Origins OST

A chilling song that plays at the beginning of Silent Hill: Origins as Travis as he tries to follow Alessa Gillespie through the Fog that leads to the cursed town. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn performs the song as Yamaoka composes. The song’s lyrics seem to personify Alessa’s therapy and her experience as a patient who undergoes O.R.T (Oral Rehydration Therapy) for the severe burns all over her body. The OST song has slightly altered lyrics compared to the game version.

2. Promise (Reprise) – Silent Hill 2/Silent Hill: Motion Picture OST

The song was featured in Silent Hill 2, but gained popularity after being played as part of the Silent Hill: Motion Picture film trailer. This child-like piano piece delivers a serene yet hauntingly creepy feel to the film and represents Alessa’s lost childhood because of the events prior. In Silent Hill 2, the song is played as James meets Angela Orosco (a disturbed, mentally unstable, and suicidal teen) in an apartment complex.

1. Silent Hill – Silent Hill OST

The song that started it all, Silent Hill was featured as the main theme song for the original game’s opening video. The guitar riffs again have that distinct creepiness to it that only series composer Akira Yamaoka can deliver.

Interesting Trivia about the song: From 1:54 to 2:18, a recurrent theme in the series is played. This theme is used in every Silent Hill soundtrack except for Origins.


Which song best represents Silent Hill for you? Are there songs that you loved but aren’t on this list?
Let us know by commenting below.


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  1. best song imo is this one which played during the original game’s trailer, it was never actually in the game but was in the credits during one of the 5 endings 🙂

  2. awsome songs!My personal fave is from silent hill 3 you’re not here.Its got a pop like vibe but tells the hardship of heather’s expereance.Also It tells that nobody felt what she went through exept *spoiler incoming* her father harry mason*another spoiler*who sadly died.So she’s got nowone who understands her pain.

    • It is a great song isn’t it? I remember getting also getting the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack CD with my game and always had my discman (at that time) on “You’re not here.”

      On another note, you might know this, but the new Silent Hill live action film is going to focus on Heather and based on Silent Hill 3. I’ve heard talks that have mentioned Akira Yamaoka contributing his musical talents to the production too.

  3. I really like the Silent Hill 1 OST. The intro may seem to be creepy but listening ’til the end of the song makes me emotional.

    • Thanks for your comment MJ! Yeah the SH theme was iconic and had an emotional hook to it, especially when watched with the CG intro from the game.

      Which other Silent Hill songs did you like?

      • I like the ending song of SH 2 which Maria is a playable character and SH 3 You’re not here. I quit playing SH when I was a kid because I got terrified. Now I’m trying to play again, but still looking for downloadable SH game.

      • Hey this is MJ and my continuation of my reply :). This is another song that I really love too. My top 3 songs are Silent Hill 1 Theme Song, SH 3 You’re Not Here and Love Psalm from SH 2 “Born from a Wish”.

  4. Hey MJ, I totally agree, Born from a Wish was a great song. I added it to my YouTube playlist after reading your post thanks!

  5. What the song title of the sillent hill origins (PS2) soundtrack, when the scene is show
    a truckdriver man carry the little girl which has burn from the fire in the creepy house in
    sillent hill…?? (sorry for my bad english)

  6. I would like to suggest this song too. Another Akira’s masterpiece

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