Top 5 HD Games That Make You Sweat

Gamers all around the world face the stigma of being fat, unhealthy slobs; when in reality, everyone can be considered a gamer. Whether it be console, pc, mobile, tablet, or cloud, everyone and I mean everyone plays video games.

And guess what?

Many of these gamers actually play games that require physical exertion. With motion control being all the rage this console generation, it’s not surprising to see gamers getting their exercise and sweating their butts off while enjoying their favorite games. This next list features five of the most fun and most physically demanding of the motion control games released in the last few years.

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5. Kung-Fu: Live – PlayStation Eye/PS3

Technically only requiring the Playstation Eye and not the Move controller; it’s one of the most fun, engaging, and physically demanding titles on the list. The camera puts players into the game, as they watch and control their virtual selves fighting waves after waves of ninjas, street thugs, demons and ancient martial artists. Depending on how they want to fight, players will definitely get a great workout with Kung-Fu: Live.

Hit ditection is spot on, and the fact that it’s players themselves fighting in the game makes it all the more special. Martial artist or not, players can fight however they want and still get a great workout and enjoying it.


4. Dance Central – Xbox Kinect

The best game on Microsoft’s Kinect is also one of the most physically demanding games on it. Dance Central requires players to follow the (real) dance moves displayed on the screen for points; and for the most part these dance moves can range from easy-to-follow to extremely difficult. Whereas Dance Dance Revolution only asked players to step on the buttons with their feet before, Dance Central asks players to use their entire body, utilizing it as the controller.

Many of the songs take lots of practice to master; and with each play, gamers lose a great number of calories as they dance, exert, and push themselves into getting the highest score. Definitely recommended for all Kinect owners.


3. Singstar: Dance – PlayStation Move

While it’s great to have a dance game where your body is the controller, it’s better to be able to sing while you dance. With Singstar: dance,  not only do players get a dancing game, but a Karaoke game as well. Singstar Dance includes 30+ songs; each with their own dance choreography.  The player follows the onscreen dancer, and the game tracks the Playstation Move as the player imitates the dancing on screen.

This can be done while another person sings along to the various songs. Singstar Dance is also compatible with older Singstar titles, most of which can be found on the cheap. Players can also visit the Singstore (online) to purchase more songs and dance choreographies to add to their collection. Another great way to burn off those extra calories during the winter season.


2. The Fight: Lights Out – PlayStation Move

The closest thing to a real fight is this motion-controlled underground fighting game for the PlayStation Move. The game actually requires players to throw real punches as the Wii-style flicking doesnt work on it. (Expect to lose many fights if you don’t throw real punches. Flicking only makes your in-game character flick as well.)

The game is touted to have lifelike 1:1 motion control, and from our experience its made good on this promise. Anyone who’s been in a real fight or fight training will appreciate some of the training exercises available for the players outside of matches. These alone can help burn calories like it’s nobody’s business. And the best part? It’s retails for only $19.99!

One thing to note: The game requires two PS Move controllers in order for the game to track both hands.


1. UFC: Personal Trainer – Xbox Kinect/PlayStation Move

As a gamer who practices mixed martial arts, I can definitely say that UFC: Personal Trainer for the Kinect and PS Move is the closest thing one can get to training MMA in real life. Including over 70+ (National Accademy of Sports Medicine) NASM-approved training exercises, players will experience the toughest workouts from real MMA coaches like Mark DellaGrotte, Greg Jackson, and Javier Mendez.

Personally, I love the stand up fight. But UFC Personal trainer puts a lot of fun into the training so I actually had a lot of fun with the ground work. While the game doesn’t really replace actually training with MMA fighters, it replicates it and adds the gaming element to it so that even laziest gamer can experience positive changes in their body.

Recommended Exercises:

  • Sprawl and Ground Work
  • Pad Work
  • Bob and Weaves
  • Side Lunges (Great for core strength)
  • Any exercises that increase your core and back strength.

There it is, the top five HD games that make people sweat. With the holidays coming up, gamers are going to need a couple of motion controlled games to help burn off those extra calories from all that Christmas food.

What games do you play that give you a good workout? Let us know in the comment section below.


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