Zombie Gunship iOS Review

If the award-winning Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s AC-130 level had endless waves of zombies, this game would be it.

In the competitive world of iOS games, nothing comes close to the addictive and extremely fun Zombie Gunship.In the world of Zombie Gunship, the zombie apocalypse has begun and the remaining humans seek refuge wherever they can.

The game casts players as the gunner of an AC-130 gunship attempting to defend one of the last human controlled bunker in the US. Armed to the teeth with 25mm gatling guns, 40mm Bofor auto-cannons, and a 105mm Howitzer cannon, it’s up to the AC-130 gunner to defend the surviving humans as they run for safety away from hordes of the undead.

The game ends if even one zombie walks through the bunker entrance or if players accidentally kill too many humans. And with oftentimes overwhelming amount of undead at the bunker’s doorstep, it’s really easy to accidentally shoot the wrong ones so careful aiming and proper use of weapons for each situation is key.

Each weapon is fully upgradable; from damage radius to firing speed, players can increase their weapons power for maximum damage and destruction. A few hours into the game and my gunship’s Howitzer cannons were taking out 20 to even thirty zombies with one shot.


Graphics – Zombie Gunship’s presentation boasts an eerily realistic feel. Players see the world through the AC-130’s grainy black-and-white targeting system, and while zombies and humans are small and can only be differentiated by their colors on the screen, animation is well-done, zombies get blown to chunks when howitzer rounds hit. Explosions look pretty good too, with smoke and debris getting bigger with each weapon type used.

Audi0 – The best part of the package, Zombie Gunship’s audio presentation fits the overall package. There’s almost no music playing; just the weapon sounds, explosions, and military chatter that add to the realistic and bleak feel of the game.


At $.99 cents, Zombie Gunship is one of the more interesting, original, and fun zombie/defense hybrid games on the iOS. I downloaded the game a few days ago and have not stopped playing it ever since. While the game only offers two maps and a limited amount of things to unlock, the core gameplay keeps players addicted. The weapon upgrades serve as the player’s main incentive to keep on going, however those that don’t have the time to grind can also purchase more in-game money (using real-life money) to upgrade their AC-130.

Zombie Gunship is definitely recommended!


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