Follow Fridays – Save Point

It’s Follow Friday on Twitter and we’re getting in line! That’s right, nothing original to be had here!

Every Friday, we’ve got an awesome gaming related site to share. This week we’ve got an #FF for actress, cosplayer and all-round-geek wonder: Lisa Foiles.

Lisa is a former TV child star (we forgive her for that) who combines her love of all things gaming with a wicked sense of humour. From murderous Nintendo cosplay to videogame themed webshorts, Lisa has a unique style that presses all the right buttons with the geek crowd and appeals to mainstream audiences too. I for one would love to see her get on Community when (that’s right WHEN) it comes back.

Check her out as a crime-fighting Princess Peach in the new interactive feature, Miyamoto’s Angels or her  role in the upcoming web series The Street Fighter.

She’s also a columnist for Kotaku and is featured on on The Escapist with her own show: Top 5 with Lisa Foiles. Oh, and watch out for her obsession with cereal. She’ll kill for Corn Pops.

Could she be the next Felicia Day? We think so!

For bonus points follow her on Twitter: @LisaFoiles

Who’s your favourite gaming internet celebrity? Let us know in the comments, their site could be our next Follow Friday!


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