Top 5 Reasons To Get Onlive

The OnLive Game Service is an on-demand video game platform that allows players to enjoy the latest games instantly over a broadband internet connection. It allows gamers to play their games on a TV using the Onlive Microconsole, or on PC or Mac computers using the Onlive app software.

With it’s community growing larger daily, it’s the best time to join the Onlive gaming service. Onlive offers gamers the ability to play their games wherever they want; on whatever display or system they want. It’s a cloud-based gaming service so players never have to deal with storage or location issues.

This next list highlights JTM Games’ top five reasons to join the Onlive game service. Hit the jump to read the full list.

5. Growing Publisher Support

Onlive has been gaining more and more software publisher support since its release. Companies like THQ, Eidos, Warner Brothers Interactive, and more recently, Rockstar Games have added their games onto the service for digital distribution.

Over the last few months, THQ has released games like Homefront and Warhammer 40K: Space Marine; Eidos released Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Lara Croft: Guardian of Light; WB Interactive released FEAR 3 and Batman: Arkham City. Onlive has also said that more publishers (big names as well as independent) are expected to join and that new game releases will be coming to the cloud gaming service in the months to come.

4. The Onlive Gaming Community

Onlive as a gaming service was able to incorporate some features that couldn’t be done on a traditional console; like the ability to spectate and view what games other people are playing, the ability to post your brag clips, as well as some social features like brag clip sharing and gamer skill voting. (Basically players can watch others as they play and vote their play style up or down.)

Over the last few months, Onlive has started to integrate some the social gaming features that have really connected the community together. Gamers can now let people know on Facebook that they’ve started playing, and they can even dive right in ti the game from that same facebook post.

3. No Downloads/Demo Every Game Before You Buy

Really want to play that new release game at midnight on its day of release? With Onlive, players need not wait in lines or even download anything; Onlive subscribers only need to purchase the game on the Onlive Marketplace and start playing ASAP.

Players who aren’t sure if they will like a game or not can even demo the game for 30 minutes (that’s every game on the Onlive Marketplace) before they purchase. And best of all, players can access these games from their account from any available system that can play Onlive. No lines, no downloads, just play the games they want.

2. PlayPack Game Subscription

The “Onlive PlayPack” collection  for $9.99 per month have certainly turned heads and made subscribers out of non-believers. New games get added to the always affordable PlayPack Bundle, and the community is growing larger everyday.

Only Onlive lets players play their favorite multiplayer games like Homefront and Fear 3, as well as hardcore games like the Witcher Enhanced Edition and Just Cause 2 all for only$9.99  per month. With almost 100+ games, with more added every week, and a lot more in the marketplace for purchase or rental, Onlive is quickly becoming one of the better gaming deals available.

In addition, all PlayPack subscribers get an extra 30% discount on all games sold in the Onlive marketplace. That means, if you’re looking to play Batman: Arkham City and Saints Row: The Third, the cheapest place to get it is from Onlive.

1. Onlive Gaming On Tablets, iOS, And Phones

Starting very soon, Onlive is releasing apps for tablets and phones that will allow players to access their Onlive accounts not just on PC’s and Microconsoles, soon they’ll be able to play their favorite games on their tablet PC’s, smartphones, as well as iOS supported devices! Just imagine being able to play Batman: Arkham City, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and LA Noire on the go. The company will release a bluetooth compatible wireless controller that will allow players to play different kinds of games on their mobile device anytime.

If that wasn’t enough, Onlive has also announced that starting soon, many of the games available on the Onlive Marketplace will have touchscreen support so that they can play their favorite games without the need for physical controllers.

And there’s our top five reasons to join Onlive. Have you joined Onlive yet? Let us know what you think of the cloud-based gaming service in the comment section below.


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