Top 5 Niche Games

Top 5 Niche And Weird Games

Every console generation has a couple of titles that define it. The original Playstation had Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII. The Nintendo 64 had LoZ: Ocarina of Time and Golden Eye. Playstation 2 had Metal Gear Solid 3 and Shadow of the Colossus; Xbox had Halo and Splinter Cell. However, all of these consoles also featured games that catered to certain “unique” and “niche” tastes. Here are the top 5 Niche/Weird games in game console history:


5. Earth Defense Force 2017

Xbox 360 Exclusive

Price: $2.97

1-2 Players.

You know you’ve got something special when you’re playing a game that casts you as part of a global defense force that battle overwhelming forces of ants, spaceships, giant robots, and other otherworldly menace. A niche budget game from Japan, the game features over 150 weapons, a number of driveable vehicles and over 50+ missions. Earth Defense Force 2017 requires gamers to destroy literally hundreds if not thousands of giant monstrosities over the course of each mission. It even has destructible environments, years before Red Faction: Armageddon and Battlefield Bad Company even touted such a feature.

4. Raw Danger

Playstation 2 Exlcusive

Price: $15.97

1 Player

Another niche game from Japan, Raw Danger is a survival game that casts the player caught in the midst of a natural disaster; a massive flooding crisis hits Geo City and the player must guide several characters to safety. The game features some truly harrowing events/survival situations and will keep players on the edge of their seats. Raw Danger oozes a certain type of Japanese charm that give it a unique feel. The game may look like a early Playstation 1 title, but the gameplay, the overall feel, the likable characters, and the Japanese-ness makes Raw Danger a must-experience for every niche-game fan.

Dante just joined our cause!

3. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

Playstation 2 Exclusive

Price: $39.99

1 Player

SMT: Nocturne or what I like to call Devil May Cry: Nocturne is a rare traditional Japanese role playing game that deals with mature content and some really dark overtones. SMT: Nocturne casts the player as a nameless high school student with an interest in the occult. The protagonist gets caught in the end of the world, The Conception. He is then given power by Lucifer himself to arm him in his journey. The player can recruit a number of demons as party members, and in a surprising crossover twist, fight the demon hunter Dante (of Devil May Cry fame). Depending on player’s choices throughout the game, Dante will help or hinder his cause.


Credit: Quantic Dream

2. Indigo Prophecy

Playstation 2, Xbox, and PC

Price: $40 – $100

1 Player

The spiritual predecessor to Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy was David Cage and Quantic Dream’s first “interactive action/adventure film.” Indigo Prophecy casts players as three characters on separate sides of the law. The main protagonist Lucas Kane in a possessed state murders a man, and the players must try and hide evidence before the police officers arrive at the scene. The player then controls the police officers Carla and Tyler in finding the evidence as well as hunting down the killer. This dual perspective, deep story, and relatable characters make it one of the best, if often overlooked, games of the last console generation.

1. Deadly Premonition

Xbox 360 Exclusive

Price: $22

1 Player

One of my favorite games of all time, Deadly Premonition is one of those love-it-or-hate-it type of games. It’s also one of the weirdest games I have ever played. If the TV series Twin Peaks, X-Files, and Supernatural made love to the games Alan Wake, Grand Theft Auto, and LA Noire, their child would be Deadly Premonition. The game is an open-world, supernatural, investigation, survival comedy-horror adventure that casts the player as quirky FBI agent Francis York Morgan as he hunts down a murderer in the small mid-western town of Greenvale. As if things weren’t weird enough, everyone in the town seems like they have something to hide. If my description of the game doesn’t make any sense at all, trust me, it exemplifies how weird Deadly Premonition really is.

Check out the trailer to see the weirdness for yourself:


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