The Many Temptations Of The Xbox 360 – A PlayStation Owner’s Lament

I’ve been a console gamer since the Atari back in the early 80’s. I also upgraded to new game consoles whenever they would were released. As much as I like PC gaming, I’d rather be comfortable, controller in hand and playing my favorite games on my bed or on my couch.

In the 360/PS3 debate, I tend to lean more towards the PS3 because of its AAA-quality exclusives, its free online gaming network, and its built-in Blu-Ray player. (Perfect for an avid film collector like myself.)

Of course as a hardcore gamer, I own a 360 as well. However you’d most likely see me playing on my PS3 more often than the 360. Every so often though, I crave that 360 pie, what with its varied game library and the sense of community (or competition) that far exceeds the PlayStation’s.

Anyway, on to what attracts me to the oppositon:

The Xbox 360 Controller

As much as people deny it, the Xbox 360 controller has an overall better design than the DualShock 3 (and the damned Sixaxis). Both thumbsticks locations are perfect for most game genres. If I had a choice to play a third-party, first or third person shooter on either the PS3 or the 360, I’d probably choose the 360 because of it’s controller. The triggers are much more tactile compared to the L2/R2 shoulder buttons on the PS3.

The only thing I dislike about the 360’s controller is it’s need for batteries, be it rechargeable or single-use AA’s.

Exclusive Games

The other camp has HALO, Gears of War 3, Call of Duty Expansion Pack timed exclusivity, FORZA, FABLE, and a whole bunch of exclusive Japanese RPG’s. Microsoft has done many things right in their battle to take the #1 spot in this generation’s console war. One of biggest and most important was courting (and winning over) Japanese RPG developers and releasing some of the best JRPG’s in the last 6 years. Japanese games like Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and The Last Remnant are games which brought many PS2 gamers over to the new and shiny 360.

Third-Party Games Are Of Higher Quality

Even though I’m a hardcore PS3 gamer, I have to admit, Skyrim on the PS3 performs horribly. Not only that, many other games like Rainbox Six: Vegas 1 and 2 had blurry textures, GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption displayed at a lower resolutions, and let’s not even bring up Valve/EA’s Orange Box for that was a terrible, terrible port.

Many of the the third party games I’ve played on the 360 either performed better, had sharper textures, and finally they supported anti-aliasing graphical features.

Community and Cross-Game Chat

One of the PlayStation 3 communities oft-requested feature, cross-game chat allows 360 users to chat with their friends and their party in real-time regardless of what games they’re playing. This makes it much easier for groups of people to get into gaming parties or talk about their favorite games while they’re playing vastly different games on their systems.

And because of the way the PS3 is built, the feature will unfortunately never be added to the console. 360 wins here.

Xbox Live Indie Games

Compared to the PS Mini’s, Xbox Live Indie Games are featured more prominently on the dashboard. While not everyone knows about the indie game back catalog, at least many know of it and the amount of high quality games on there. Games like 3D Infinity,  I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!, Soulcaster, and Cthulu Saves The World give gamers great gameplay experiences for less than 5o0 Miccrosoft points.

All in all, I’m still a hardcore PS3 gamer, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to playing Xbox 360 game marathons whenever I have time. PS3 and 360 fanboys (and girls!) let us know why you picked the system you did in the comments.


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  1. Truthnothingelse

    Just the truth no BS.

    @janhutchings Who cares about third party games they perform fine when you have good developers, not all devs are lazy on multiplates and xbox holds PS3 back and the fact that you support that by playing the 360 version is horrible… look at PS3 exclusives and that is what multiplates should be but can’t because of Xbox….

    The PS3 controller is more comfortable than the 360 controller everything about it including the push pad buttons they are seperate on PS3 on xbox its just one button so you press left on the directional pad and it goes up somtimes horrible for fighting games

    your fingers fall right over the PS3 sticks and it feels weird to move your character around with xbox left stick, you flick your thumb up to go forward and your thumb rides the bottom of the joystiq can you say annoying! and going sideways is weird on xbox, PS3 is more natural and PS3 does have triggers you can buy them your not stuck with triggers..

    “The network affect” PS3 is where the games are and little kids who dont know any better and don’t have a gaming system fall in the trap of saying hey I want to play COD with my friends whom bought a cheap xbox so they by a cheap xbox “The Network Effect” just like an earlier article…

  2. PS3 controller sucks as did the PS2 one

  3. Actually I really detest the 360 controllers. That’s one thing that drives me batty about the system. The fit is really non-ergonomic and (maybe this is just a gender thing since I have small girl-hands) it feels way too big. Plus the fact that the middle button lights up really annoys me for some reason. In addition, the menu screen is much better organized on the PS3 and the opening tone (reminiscent of the string section of an orchestra tuning) is infinitely more elegant than the beeps and boops the Xbox offers.
    Now, I know the grass is always greener on the other side. But as someone who’s played on both sides of the fence if forced to choose I’d pick the Sony side.

  4. i could see how you might not like the 360 controller with small girl hands…but if you have man hands its just fine and clearly a better shooter controller..fighting games tho the dual shock wins.

  5. Good read, I also own both but by far play my Xbox 360 over my ps3 for many of the same reasons. PS3 may have many exclusives to chose from my heart is still in Halo,Gears in fact I play Gears 3 almost every day can’t say the same for UC3,Killzone 3 and resistance 3.

    • Again, people’s love for games that they play (even with those who have both) depends on their preferences and their moods. I find myself playing more PS3 these days compared to early last year. It depends really on which games i’m in the mood to be playing.

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